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Code: 54683    Manufacturer Part No: VLVE-00049   


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VALVE 12AX7B/ECC83 HIGH MICRO description:

The VALVE 12AX7B/ECC83 HIGH MICRO Replacement Valve for Marshall Amplifier Heads and Combos.

Marshall Valve Information:

Valve Power

One of the many reasons why our amps sound so good is because of our meticulous selection and matching of valves. Being one of the world's largest valve buyers allows us to insist on the highest standards from our suppliers. Also, many years of valve experience ensures that our replacement valves will give you the tone, quality and unrivalled performance which you demand.

Pre-amp Valves

Pre amp valves provide all the drive and tone shaping facilities in your amplifier. The higher their quality, the higher the quality of your sound. Valve

The most common pre-amp valve is the ECC83 (12AX7). We select the finest ECC83s currently available.

Marshall Matched Output Valves

Output valves provide all the dynamics and power in your amplifier and actually work in pairs. The closer matched the pair, the better your amp will perform. Marshall Gold Brand valves have been carefully selected and matched to the highest standards for Marshall Amplification using specially developed test and evaluation equipment.

All valves are supplied with a specially printed certificate showing the valves unique trace, plotting their characteristics across the typical operating range. The closer the two curves are, the better matched they are.

This will result in better sound quality from your amplifier and longer life. (The curves are accurate to approximately +/- 1mA.)

MPN: VLVE-00049

Manufacturer: Marshall

This page first created on: 27/01/2009

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