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Focusrite VRM Box

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Code: 82896    Manufacturer Part No: MOAF0001   
Save £46.99 Focusrite VRM Box
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You save £46.99 (49%)

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VRM Box description:

The Focusrite VRM Box is a revolutionary, portable audio interface, designed to give producers on the go the chance to mix in a studio-like environment using headphones.

The VRM Box provides a solution to the major obstacle facing producers when mixing with headphones by giving multiple perspectives on the mix, simulating the experience of listening through speakers, thanks to Focusrite’s proven and patent-pending Virtual Reference Monitoring (VRM) technology.

As well as being an incredibly portable device, the VRM Box is perfect for use with monitoring headphones in a home studio setup where mixing through speakers may not always be possible.

The Focusrite VRM Box simulates three different mixing environments - a living room, a bedroom studio, and a professional studio. There's a choice of 26 industry-standard studio monitors including KRK's VXT8 and RP6 G2 speakers, Genelec 1031A and ADAM S2.5A models, as well as hi-fi speakers, a flat-screen TV and desktop computer speakers, allowing for the mix to be tested in a variety of virtual listening scenarios.

VRM Box boasts a dynamic range of 108dB, providing a sound that’s more precise, with lower distortion, than other low-cost audio interfaces, and far superior to built-in laptop headphone outputs.

The VRM Box is fully powered by USB and also features a digital (S/PDIF) input, which supports sample rates up to 192kHz, enabling the VRM Box to run with any audio interface with an S/PDIF output, including Pro Tools HD systems.

The main features of the Focusrite VRM Box include:

  • VRM Headphone Mixing Tool for Portable Mixing and Silent Mixing at Home
  • Provides Options for Three Listening Environments - Living Room, Bedroom Studio and Professional Studio
  • 26 Speaker Emulations including ADAM S2.5A, Alesis Monitor One, Auratone 5C, B&W DM12, Creative S8S35, Genelec 1031A, Goodmans MS188, KEF Q55.2, KRK RP6 G2, KRK VXT8, Phocus LCD 26 TV, Quested S8R, Rogers LS3/5a, Stirling LS3/5a and Yamaha NS-10M Pro.
  • >105dB Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Supported sample rates from 32kHz to 192kHz
  • 120dB (A-weighted) D/A Dynamic Range
  • Stereo S/PDIF input on RCA
  • 1/4" TRS Stereo Headphone Output
  • Headphone Output Level control (analogue)
  • 4-pin USB2.0 compatible socket
  • Windows Minimum Requirements are windows XP (service pack 3), Vista, or 7 (32 and 64-bit)
  • Mac OS Minimum Requirements are Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (Intel only), OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
  • 68mm height x 25mm depth x 68mm width
  • Weighs 123g


Manufacturer: Focusrite

This page first created on: 14/01/2011

Customer Reviews

Expertise/Experience: Producer
London GB

Pros: +
Unbelievably handy piece of kit, especially when you have already worked a mix through cans and reference monitors. Just blast through this afterwards for minor tweaks through the ADAM's and KRK's and your friends will be convinced that Rick Rubin has hit the faders.

Cons: -
Not enough reference monitors, runs at 44/48 and only at 96k through SPDIF. Also you need a beast of a DAW to run this beauty, it eats processing power like a fat boy at a cake shop.

This customer purchased the product in February 2012


As I write I'm having trouble with it using Reason and an (old) EMU USB interface via SPDIF mode (with Focusrite support right now), but using it as a primary interface, I can see (hear) that it's a worthwhile addition to the toolkit - helpful towards getting that ever elusive good mix that works well everywhere.

This customer purchased the product in January 2014