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Sonic Solutions NoNOISE

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Sonic Solutions NoNOISE


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NoNOISE description:

Sonic Solutions' NoNOISE is the world's premier tool for restoring audio recordings. Its advanced processes isolate and eliminate audio artefacts such as hiss, scratches, hum, and mechanical and impulsive noise. NoNOISE is not a single process or software module, but a set of powerful tools to remove bothersome noise without damage to the program material. NoNOISE can be used to restore old recordings, remove unwanted noises from field recordings, and repair audio materials that have suffered damage.

The NoNOISE plug-in suite features both TDM and AudioSuite plug-ins. Broadband noise reduction is accomplished through a TDM plug-in for analysis and an AudioSuite plug-in for noise removal. A variety of useful high-resolution filters, also implemented as TDM plug-ins, include Presence, Notch, High and Low Shelf, High and Low Pass, DC-Removal, Emphasis, De-emphasis and more. AudioSuite plug-ins perform manual declicking, production declicking, and decrackling.

  • A powerful and versatile suite of TDM and AudioSuite plug-ins that faithfully capture Sonic Solutions' NoNOISE suite of processors
  • The processors in NoNOISE include TDM and AudioSuite plug-ins that perform the following functions: - Broadband Noise (hiss) Removal - Manual and Production Declicking - Decrackling - A variety of High-Resolution Filters for removing artifacts such as hum and buzz, and for applying standard filter types commonly used in mastering including presence, notch, high and low shelf, band pass and band stop, DC-Removal, emphasis, de-emphasis, and RIAA/No RIAA
  • NoNOISE is only compatible with Pro Tools|HD and Pro Tools|HD Accel systems.

Manufacturer: Sonic Solutions

This page first created on: 27/06/2007

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