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VSL Instruments Symphonic Cube Percussion

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VSL Instruments Symphonic Cube Percussion


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Symphonic Cube Percussion description:

The Vienna Symphonic Library SYMPHONIC CUBE PERCUSSION Virtual Instrument, Standard Library. A multitude of percussion instruments.

The Vienna Symphonic Library SYMPHONIC CUBE PERCUSSION can be used as a standalone virtual instrument or in addition to the multitude of percussion instruments already contained in the Pro Edition and Horizon Series Libraries. Many instruments are now available in a second version: Timpani 2 (with up to eight velocities), snare drum 2 (up to 12 velocities, with and without snare), bass drum 2, field drum 2, tambourine 2, triangle 2, suspended cymbals 2, and a-due cymbals 2. Moreover, there are completely new instruments, such as concert toms, roto toms and Taiko drums. As a novel feature, this Collection also contains production-ready instruments, processed with sought-after high-end studio equipment, put into the right perspective with multi-sampled convolution reverb from the Vienna Symphonic Library’s MIR development. The basic percussion instruments (timpani, snare and bass drum, tambourine, suspended cymbals, a-due cymbals, glockenspiel, triangle, xylophone, tubular bells, tam-tam and concert toms) thus are not only available as samples with minimal reverb of the Silent Stage, but also with the reverb of the world-famous Wiener Konzerthaus in various stage positions. Naturally, these MIR impulses implemented in the samples just scratch the surface of the potential and flexibility of the future MIR engine; nevertheless, they offer a preview of its acoustic possibilities and allow the user to work quickly.

The main features of the Vienna Symphonic Library SYMPHONIC CUBE PERCUSSION include:

  • Timpani 1, Timpani 2 - Single hits (normal, secco, coperto), tremolos (normal, crescendo, diminuendo), tremolo glissandos, single hit glissandos, upbeats; Repetition Performances; Various mallets
  • Drums: Snare drum 1, Snare drum 2, Snare drum ensemble, Piccolo drum, Field drum 1, Field drum 2, Bass drum 1, Bass drum 2, Concert toms, Roto toms, Taiko drums, Tambourine 1, Tambourine 2
  • Cymbals And Gongs: Piatti (a-due cymbals), Chinese cymbals, Crash cymbal, Ride cymbal, Splash cymbal, Suspended cymbals, Finger cymbals, Gongs, China gongs, Peking Opera gongs, Tam-tam 1, Tam-tam 2
  • Mallets And Blocks: Celesta, Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Xylophone, Marimba, Wood blocks, Temple blocks
  • Percussion: Altar-boy bells, Angklung, Antique cymbals, Anvil surrogate(rails), Bell tree, Bells, Boobams (boa bams), Brake disks and springs, Bull roarer, Burmese bells, Car horns, Castagnets, Caxixi, Chimes, Church bells, Claves, Cow bells (cencerros), Crotales, Cuíca, Finger bells, Flexatone, Guiro, Guns (shots), Hammer, Japanese singing bowls, Jingle ring, Lion’s roar, Lithophone (small), Log drum, Ocean drum, Plate bells, Rainmaker, Ratchets, Rock bells, Shaker, Ship’s bell, Siren, Sleigh bells (jingle bells), Small bells, Spring drum, Thunder sheet, Triangle 1, Triangle 2, Tubular bells, Vibratone, Waldteufel, Waterphone, Whip, Wind machine
  • Use Stand alone, as a VST Instrument or with Audio Units
  • PC Intel/AMD 2 GHz (3++ GHz recommended) with Windows XP, 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended), DVD drive for installation, Vienna Key (Vienna Symphonic Library USB Protection Device), Syncrosoft License Control Center or higher
  • Apple G4 1 GHz (G5 or Intel Core Duo processor recommended) with Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended), DVD drive for installation, Vienna Key (Vienna Symphonic Library USB Protection Device), Syncrosoft License Control Center or higher
  • Requires the Vienna Key (not included)

Manufacturer: VSL Instruments

This page first created on: 29/08/2007

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