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2box DrumIt 5 MKII

Code: 202316    Manufacturer Part No: DrumIt 5 MKII   
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DrumIt 5 MKII description:

The 2box DrumIt 5 MKII Electronic Drum Kit is an exciting new develop in the world of electronic drums, featuring incredibly innovative technology and components. The Drumit 5 system offers the ability to use any type of head, whether it be a regular drum head, mesh heads and rubber heads.  All heads are of course replaceable. The heads supplied with the kit are Mesh.

The 2box DrumIt Five Is built around a traditional acoustic drum set-up, featuring ultra strong but ultra low weight cymbal pads, drum pads and stands. The rack itself is easy to set up and adjust to playing preference and the cast aluminium pads are mounted using Floating Rim tm technology. This design offers an isolated independent rim trigger as well as the main pad sensor, without the potential of cross triggering.  The triggering of the DrumIt 5 is lightning quick, extremely low latency and truly expressive dynamically.

The Hi-hat included with the DrumIt 5 Kit is modelled on a traditional hi-hat stand again giving a truly authentic and natural playing experience. The cymbal pads themselves are constructed from silicon rubber, with fast rebound and low acoustic noise; the cymbals are mounted on two aluminium sensor plates. The cymbals pads also feature multi-zone triggers allowing for a natural response from edge to cup and bow. They are designed to feel and indeed swing like acoustic cymbals also.  The cymbal pads also offer a unique patented choke system allowing the cymbal to be choked anywhere around its circumference.

The brain behind 2box’s DrumIt Five is hugely powerful, featuring 4GB of onboard Flash memory and delivering 44,100 Hz by 24 bit digital to analog converters. There are 100 meticulously sampled and editable drum kits on board, connection to your computer via USB not only allows for downloadable pre-set content but also allows content created by the user within the DrumIt Five editor (Pc & Mac) to be downloaded.

The DrumIt Five editor software offers the ability to create your own multi-sampled sounds and of course edit existing sound files within the DrumIt library. The sounds within the DrumIt library are all professional multi-channel recordings, recorded in top end studios using the world’s best kits and drummers.  You can also create your own kits, dragging and dropping sounds from the library adjusting levels, tuning and panning.  Further downloadable songs offer you the option of jamming along to tunes either direct through the module or through your external media players via the line in socket.

The DrumIt 5 Electronic Drum Kit is a true product of innovation and development in Electronic drums and percussion. The incredible quality of both the kit and the sounds and options within the module make this kit incredible value for money also.


The 2box DrumIt 5 MKII Electronic Drum Main Features Include:

  • Professional 5-piece electronic drum kit featuring innovative and groundbreaking technologies
  • Meticulously sampled 24 - bit multilayer sounds with excellent dynamics
  • Powerful module featuring 4GB on board  Flash Memory delivering 44,100 Hz 24-bit converters
  • 100 fully editable drum kits, Powerful DrumIt Editor software (PC & Mac) Included
  • Multi trigger mesh Head Pads featuring Floating Rim Technology and multi point triggering, options for changing heads to any mesh, traditional or rubber heads
  • Silicon Rubber Cymbal Pads featuring multi-zone triggers and full circumference choking
  • USB Connection, 2 audio line inputs, 10 Trigger inputs, 6 audio line outputs, midi in/out
  • LCD display, 10 Channel selection buttons, 8 system buttons, 3 rotary dials, 1 volume knob
  • Professionally recorded multi-channel multi-layer sounds.
  • 14” Bass drum pad
  • 12” Snare pad
  • 10” Tom pads x 3
  • 14” Cymbal pads x 2
  • 12” Hi-hat pad
  • Hardware includes specially designed rack with all mounts and brackets (compatible with many other racks) Separate hi-hat cradle, hi-hat stand and bass drum pedal

MPN: DrumIt 5 MKII

Manufacturer: 2box

This page first created on: 22/07/2013

Customer Reviews


A multitude of issues. Very poor build quality rendering the kit frame useless and prone to falling over. Missing parts. Some parts sent with wrong screw thread or no thread at all when it is supposed to screw. Hihat receiver does not work. Kick pedal does not attach to frame.

This customer purchased the product in June 2017