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DrumDial Tuner Drum Head Tuner

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DrumDial Tuner Drum Head Tuner

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Tuner Drum Head Tuner description:

The Drum Dial Tuner Drum Head Tuner is a compact tuner suitable for use with timpani’s, snare drums, rack toms and bass drums, allowing for accurate tuning without even hitting the drum, making it ideal for tuning in noisy environments. The large gauge makes it easy to read the dial, while the locking bezel with moveable locators allows easy marking of your tuning range.

Drum Dial tunes by measuring Timpanic Pressure instead of rod torque. Professionals, teachers, students, sound techs and studio techs have all benefited from the speed and ease of drum tuning with a Drum Dial.

The main features of the Drum Dial Tuner Drum Head Tuner include:

  • Drum Tuner
  • Accurately Measures Drumhead Tension
  • Heavy Weight Base for Superior Accuracy
  • Adjustable Bezel
  • Tuning Range Memory Markers
  • Full 1 Year Warranty

Manufacturer: DrumDial

This page first created on: 19/05/2015

Customer Reviews

Expertise/Experience: Competent amateur
Music Style: Latin percussion

Doesn't do what is says on the tin, i.e. tune a drum to a particular frequency or note. It just ensures an even tension round the head. Disappointing.

This customer purchased the product in July 2017