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Orange Blood Orange Thunderverb 50 & PPC412C Bundle

Guitar Valve Amplifier Head Bundle, Includes Blood Orange Special Edition Thunderverb 50 Head And PPC412C Cabinet

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Save £692.39 Orange Blood Orange Thunderverb 50 & PPC412C Bundle

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Blood Orange Thunderverb 50 & PPC412C Bundle description:

The Orange Blood Orange Thunderverb 50 & PPC412C Bundle includes the Orange Thunderverb 50 Blood Orange Head and PPC412C Blood Orange Cab; exciting Limited Edition versions of Orange's famous Thunderverb 50 Valve Guitar Amplifier Head and PPC412C Cab, featuring Limited Edition 'Blood Orange' Red Vinyl Covering. Available in limited numbers, this extremely rare and beautiful Orange guitar amplifier head is ideal for collectors and players alike, plus a FREE Planet Waves PW-CSPK-05 Speaker Cable; making the perfect guitar half stack bundle!

The Thunderverb 50 Blood Orange incorporates Extended Tone Range technology, (ETR). Its combination of ground breaking tube engineering and unique output transformers, (patent pending), enable the amplifier’s bass bandwidth to operate as low as 30Hz without distortion. This means that not only can the Thunderverb 50 deliver the most gut wrenchingly thick guitar tone you could ever imagine, it also sounds absolutely amazing when used for bass guitar.

Channel A's Gain, Volume and Treble, Middle, Bass EQ controls can be manipulated to achieve an absolute myriad of tonal variations. A full spectrum of guitar tones are available from warmest, loudest clean imaginable to most extreme metal distortion your ears have ever experienced. Similar to channel A, but unique in its own right, Channel B replaces the 3 band EQ with a simple Shape control. Rotating this control clockwise reduces mid frequencies whilst increasing both bass and treble frequencies. The dynamic nature of this control has to be tried to be believed! An incredible array of possible tones can be dialed in at the merest tweak of the knob.

The main features of the Orange Thunderverb 50 Blood Orange include:

  • Limited Edition Blood Orange Red Vinyl Covering
  • Versatile, Twin Channel valve amplifier designed specifically for guitar and bass guitar
  • Power: 50 Watts RMS into 16 ohms
  • Channel Configuration: Channel A / Channel B
  • Channel A Controls: Gain / Bass / Middle / Treble / Volume
  • Channel B Controls: Gain / Shape / Volume
  • Shared Controls: Attenuator / Reverb
  • Footswitch Function: Channels / Attenuator / Reverb
  • Features: Valve Driven FX Loop + Accutronics Spring Reverb
  • Preamp Tubes: ECC83 / 12AX7
  • Power Tubes: EL34
  • Reverb Valves: ECC81 / 12AT7

The Orange PPC412C Blood Orange guitar speaker cabinet only uses the Celestion Vintage 30's. With every great amp, you need a cab to do it justice. It doesn't matter what the head is, it will sound dreadful through anything less than excellent. Think about the cab sitting under your amp at the moment. Does it really lend itself to the sound of your amplifier? The range of cabinets from Orange are built to their strictest quality standards, to deliver the finest sound from whatever you use to boost your guitar. After they've spent so many years refining their amplifiers, they wouldn't have it any other way.

The main features of the Orange PPC412C Blood Orange include:

  • Limited Edition Blood Orange Red Vinyl Covering
  • Cabinet loaded with 4 X Celestion Vintage '30 - 12 inch speakers
  • Built of 18 Ply Birch Faced Marine Plywood Shell
  • 29 X 31 X 15 inch dimensions
  • 16 Ohms, 240 Watts
  • 1/4 inch Jack input
  • Image - Artist's Rendering

Manufacturer: Orange

This page first created on: 28/11/2011

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