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Strymon Deco Tape Saturation Guitar Effects Pedal

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Save £0.95 Strymon Deco Tape Saturation Guitar Effects Pedal

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Deco Tape Saturation Guitar Effects Pedal description:

The Strymon Deco Guitar Effects Pedal  is inspired by the early recording studios of the '50s and '60s where the introduction of reel-to-reel tape machines produced the characteristic warm sound of tape saturation on the new medium of  vinyl. Deco brings this original inspiration back, giving you these vintage tape effects from the earliest recording studios, right on your pedalboard.

Deco's Tape Saturation smooths out your sound with familiar and delicious tape compression and saturation, while fattening it with subtle tape-driven transparent overdrive. The Doubletracker provides the power to shift your sound in many ways, easily allowing you to achieve syrupy slapback tape echoes, psychedelic tape flanging, and gorgeous tape chorusing sounds.

The main features of the Strymon Deco Guitar Effects Pedal include;

  • Detailed recreation of the mechanics and technology of two vintage studio reel-to-reel tape decks and their interactions
  • Nuanced sonic delivery of the classic saturation effects of the tape record/playback process
  • Simple and intuitive Lag Time knob allows for slapback delays, tape echoes, tape flanging, tape chorusing
  • Two Tape Saturation adjustment and tone shaping knobs: Saturation, Level
  • Three Doubletracker adjustment and tone shaping knobs: Lag Time, Blend, Wobble
  • Three Doubletracker blend types to tailor doubletracked sound: Sum, Invert, Bounce
  • Five "hidden" knobs for deep tone tweaking: High Trim, Low Trim, Auto-Flange Time, Wide Stereo Mode, +/- 3dB Boost/Cut
  • Press and hold studio-inspired Auto-Flange effect

Manufacturer: Strymon

This page first created on: 11/11/2014

Customer Reviews


Just a touch of saturation gives a nice subtle fattening effect to drums, or go crazy on 808 or 606 drums for a heavily saturated old detroit techno/ electro sound.
The delay and wobble is great in combination with the saturation for turning a nice sounding softsynth into a warped ancient analog.
And I found that by abusing the signal path, I can get some of the most messed up delay/ distortion/ phase/ flange/ all at the same time madness.
This is my new favourite tool for sound design, so far I have mainly used it to make old distorted crusty broken sounds, but it can also do nice.
And, I've only just started using it, I haven't even read the manual yet, so I'm sure there are plenty more tricks up it's sleeve.

This customer purchased the product in September 2016


It's a digital recreation of the earliest studio effects dual tape decks. It's basically a dual effect pedal keeping tape as its reference (boost, compression & distortion (saturation) with vibrato, chorus, flange and delay (modulation)). You can blend in between the 2 decks of saturation and modulation slots with the blend knob.

I use it for synth, piano, rhodes and wurlitzers, and i have no doubt it would sound great with guitars and drums. I mainly just boost the tone with a bit of wow mixed on full (lo fi to hi fi tape tone ahoy). I can then kick out the lag time for a tape pitch shift flourish at the end of riffs (with no audible pitch shift artifacts to my ears!)

Like most people I've never made these effects with 2 tape decks as most folks don't have access to that type of equipment. However, i love all the sounds available. I think strymon have something special here in a digital format for the stage and studio that just sounds great.

This customer purchased the product in March 2015


The kind of effects that give an additional dimension to the sound, almost like a polished or produced output. A really pleasant subtly modulated sound. Good to have the ability to overdrive, flange, chorus and echo in one pedal.

This customer purchased the product in September 2016