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Intellijel Metropolis Complex Multi-Stage Pitch & Gate Sequencer

Code: 225837    Manufacturer Part No: Metropolis   
Intellijel Metropolis Complex Multi-Stage Pitch & Gate Sequencer Image

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Metropolis Complex Multi-Stage Pitch & Gate Sequencer description:

The Metropolis Complex Multi Stage Pitch and Gate Sequencer is a powerful musical sequencer which draws inspiration from the Ryk M-185 (a Roland System 100m format sequencer). The sequencer features eight “STAGES” with assignable gate mode, pulse count and pitch value and add to that stage specific slide or skip functions and the Intellijel Metropolis can produce some truly interesting sounds.

If you look over to the left side of the module you will see that the Metropolis comes with a full menu of controls and auxiliary modifiers that gives you control at the fingertips to control and manipulate sequencer direction modes, pitch quantization and scale manipulators, clock dividers, shuffle and several other parameters.

The main features of the Metropolis Complex Multi Stage Pitch and Gate Sequencer include

  • Sequencer modes:
    Forward, Forward-fixed, Reverse, Reverse-fixed, PingPong, PingPong-Fixed, Random, Random-fixed, Brownian, Brownian-fixed
  • TB-303 style slide (constant time portamento) with adjustable time
  • Stage skipping (double click slide buttons)
  • Internal quantizing in any key and a choice of 30 different scales
  • Can act as a master clk with tap tempo BPM control or slave to an external clock (with BPM detector)
  • SAVE/LOAD panel settings to EEPROM
  • Shuffle
  • Internal clock divider with odd/even/all modes and can also be used to sync stage changes
  • Sync output (sets output pulse on the first or last clock step of a sequence, used to slave other sequencers via reset)
  • Two assignable AUX inputs which can control: gate length, transpose, key shift, root shift, sequence length, step divisor and octave offset.
  • Config menu to set slider pitch range, clock div type, sync type and reset type
  • All menu actions are one level deep. i.e. press the menu button and spin the encoder. There are no hidden levels or sub menus (except for the CONFIG menu_
  • All the core original RYK m185 functions are there too. Read more about the original projecthere and here
  • User replaceable firmware chip
  • Link header on back to connect to other select Intellijel modules
  • Skiff friendly
  • *Current firmware v1.11

MPN: Metropolis

Manufacturer: Intellijel

This page first created on: 15/12/2015

Customer Reviews


A wonderful sequencer capable of some very nice 303 slides but can also go far beyond into really fantastic semi-generative territories, especially if the two cv inputs are used to modulate certain parameters.

One thing I was disappointed with was the fact that you can't store presets, however it is so easy and quick to dial in some great sequences that it almost doesn't matter. There is something really magical with the music that this thing generates!

This customer purchased the product in February 2016

Expertise/Experience: Experienced user
Music Style: Techno and Electronica
London GB

Fantastic Eurorack sequencer. Makes a solid heart of any new rack. Highly recommended. Perfect for techno electro and Berlin school synth lines.

This customer purchased the product in November 2016