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Roland TB-3 Touch Bassline Bass Synthesizer

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TB-3 Touch Bassline Bass Synthesizer description:

Three decades in the making, the Roland TB-3 takes the ground breaking, genre defining, raw bass generating power of its forebear and bulldozes it into the modern day.  When the original TB-303 was released in 1981, nobody could have predicted the effect it would have on the global music scene.  This little unassuming silver unit, designed to make guide-tracks for bass players, quickly became so popular as a standalone instrument that it went on to define the whole Acid House genre that swept from the US to the UK.  The TB-3 is here to take all that we love about the TB-303 and couple it with all that we love about modern audio technology.  The best of the old and the new together in one earth trembling box.

The TB-3 is a bassline synthesizer that combines the beautiful sounding depth of analogue circuitry with the intuitive hands-on control of digital technology.  Roland have meticulously mapped the behaviour of the TB-303’s analogue circuitry in order to ensure the TB-3’s digital version sounds as close to its predecessors as possible.  The beloved 18db/octave ladder low pass filter and saw-tooth and square wave oscillators from the original are all featured in this new model and still sound as mind blowing as they did over 30 years ago.  Marry that raw power with a performance interface that is as enticingly presented as it is fun to use and you have a killer combination that simply screams creativity. 

This new touch pad system was designed in answer to some of the issues with the TB-303’s interfacing.  The step sequencer and keyboard on the original were admittedly a little hard to use, whereas these new colour coded, pressure sensitive pads are simple to operate and extremely effective, making pattern creation, envelope modulation, decay control and keyboard playing an absolute joy.  The step sequencer, accent and slide behaviour from the TB-303 have all be recreated here with pin point precision.  In addition, the TB-3’s interface includes some functionality we have become used to from other technologies, like the ability to change, transpose and chain pattern sequences using gesture controls, similar to those we use on popular tablet devices, or the ability to alter pitch and volume in an XY format by sweeping your finger across or up each pad, similar to the way we use Kaoss pads.

The Roland TB-3 is packed to the hilt with 134 presets including warm and distorted full-bodied basses, and psychedelic delays and effects.   The library is split across four banks, from original TB-303 sounds and FX to aggressive bass and lead sound.  Any Roland TB or TR series enthusiast will no doubt have come across 808 or 909 sample packs or even VST plugin clones like Rebirth but nothing really comes close.  The sample packs have all been processed through other audio gear which imparts its own characteristics onto the samples and the software VSTs can never truly emulate the feel of the original units because they are locked in an entirely digital domain.  The engineers at Roland have not only painstakingly reproduced the classic TB tone so that every TB-303 sound in the library is an exact clone of its original, but also used Analogue Circuit Behaviour technology to ensure that every single sound that utters from this amazing unit, old style or new, is pure and true to its origins.  This reason alone leaves all imitations behind.

The TB-303 is one of those amazing old units whose errors became desired effects in later years.  When programming patterns using the complex creation method, the TB-303 would often insert random sounds by mistake that would actually add depth to the sequence.  The TB-3 stays true to this phenomenon by using a random pattern modification feature to copy this TB-303 characteristic. 

To further add to the TB-3’s versatility, the Scatter function enables you to micro edit single steps in your sequencer, allowing for slicing, reverse, gating, stutter and glitch effects, ideal for modern EDM producers.  With dedicated resonance, cutoff, volume and tempo controls with shuffle and tap tempo functions, there is little in the electronic bassline world that the TB-3 cannot achieve.  The unit is also beautifully presented with a black metal top-plate with green outer trim, light green backlit buttons and an LCD display for preset navigation.

The Roland TB-3 has a master stereo output on ¼” balanced TRS jacks, MIDI In/Out on 5 pin DIN connectors, a USB connection for MIDI and audio, and a headphone output on ¼” balanced TRS jacks.

The popularity of the original model was so immense, the cost of second hand units for sale on eBay and other online marketplaces has soared so high, they are now considered collector’s items and are well out of most people’s price ranges.  Roland has obviously looked to play on this phenomenon when they set the TB-3 at such an utterly amazing price!  It is often uncertain ground for manufacturers to revisit designs that are steeped in so much history but in true form Roland has done an incredible job. 

The TB-303 has evolved and the next musical revolution starts here.

ACB | Analogue Circuit Behaviour

The AIRA range is the first to use Roland’s new proprietary digital emulation system ACB. Analogue Circuit Behaviour (ACB) has enabled incredibly accurate modelling of some of the most sought after classics in the Roland range.

Yasuyuki Watanabe explains: “The first priority was to study the behaviour of these analogue instruments, and try to carefully recreate it. However, in today’s music styles, there are certain elements which have to be created digitally. So in order to achieve a harmony between these elements, we chose to use digital gear to reacreate these analogue instruments".

The main features of the Roland TB-3 nclude:

  • One voice polyphony
  • 25 types distortion types
  • 200 instrument preset patches
  • 32 step sequencer with 64 user patterns
  • Eight Scatter presets
  • Touchpad controller
  • Dedicated cutoff, resonance, accent and effect controls
  • 7 segments, 3 characters LED
  • Master output on stereo ¼” balanced TRS jacks
  • MIDI In/Out on 5 pin DIN connectors
  • USB connection for MIDI and audio
  • Headphone output on ¼” balanced TRS jacks
  • W 240mm x D 173mm x H 57mm
  • Weight: 820 g
  • Includes manual and AC adaptor




Manufacturer: Roland

This page first created on: 13/02/2014

Customer Reviews


Amazingly tactile! Just upgrade the firmware so we can use it the touch pad to control other devices! Brilliant!

This customer purchased the product in December 2014

Expertise/Experience: full time composer

Ok lets be honest here. Its a solid unit, it DOES sound like a 303 and it does live up to its immediate ambition, but.......
Roland support isn't forthcoming. They are updating the Aira line as they go as its still vague in places. The Aira line for some reason, comes with a terrible fold out map type instruction guide which is very nearly useless. For PC users on ASIO, integrating isnt straight forward on all DAWS.Such as Cubase which is tying me in knots trying to fully use the USB audio option. MAC via core audio, seems more fluid to setup.
This units power supply was a euro two pin so i needed to ask DV247 to respond with a fix which they did promptly.
Bottom line is, this is 245 notes. The price point dictates a few things here. Im awaiting my TR-8 which when combined with the TB3 opens up a very special and exciting experience.
,For for those of us working fulltime in a studio, the integration aspects need honing ie Roland really need a VST management plugin like Access makes for the Virus TI making this all so so much easier

This customer purchased the product in April 2014

london GB

Love it! Very fun to play and easy to integrate into a DAW based workflow. It sounds great, I can't tell the difference between this and the classic 303 sound.

This customer purchased the product in October 2015

Music Style: Deep Disco
London GB

We Will Be Using The Roland TB-3 In Many Of Our Future Productions, We Just Love Those Classic Sounds ) (Framewerk)

This customer purchased the product in March 2014

Expertise/Experience: Beginnner
Music Style: House Techno

Classic 303 sounds at a fraction of the cost, this unit sounds great and has a quality feel. This unit offers more than just classic 303 sounds and the extensive library of pre-sets makes up for the lack of fully customisable sound. The touch screen is very responsive and the rotary knobs feel robust and are connected to high quality controls / effects.

Overall a brilliant piece of kit that will be used on many projects in the future.

This customer purchased the product in April 2014

Music Style: house,techno.
Southport GB

All the AIRA ROLAND series are amazing

Tb 3 is the future clone of tb 303 but with a lot of +(Plus) from Roland the original brand of tb 303

Sound presets
XY control on screen
USB + midi I/O
And finally the PRICE

This customer purchased the product in March 2015


Sounds just like the real thing so represents excellent value for money. Some cool new features too that aren't on the original. Fun.

This customer purchased the product in December 2015