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Vermona DRM MKIII Analogue Drum Synthesizer

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Vermona DRM MKIII Analogue Drum Synthesizer

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DRM MKIII Analogue Drum Synthesizer description:

The Vermona DRM1 MKIII Analogue Drum Synthesizer is an analogue drum synthesizer, featuring 8 instruments with 7 parameters, and an assignable MIDI channel and note number for each instrument. The instruments of the DRM1 MKIII can be triggered by MIDI (of course velocity-sensitive). There is also an optional trigger option avilable that connects the drum machine to your analogue step sequencer or whatever gives out gate voltage or switch trigger. Beside the main outputs each channel is equipped with an individual output that also can be used as an channel insert. It offers eight instruments, each with seven knobs for forming the sound plus a panorama- and a volume-controller. The user interface is absolutely clear and intuitive - one knob, one function.

The main features of the Vermona DRM1 MKIII Analogue Drum Synthesizer include:

  • KICK: Mainly but not only for making big and fat kick drums.
  • DRUM1 and DRUM2: Very flexible instruments that can generate kick- and tom sounds as well as bongos. Anything from zapp to bling and fantastic PIUU...
  • MULTI: Three oscillators can be detuned and gives you nice cowbell-like sounds. If you like submarines you can create a nice sonar ping.
  • SNARE: What can we say about that? Well, you get what you expect.
  • Hi Hat1 and Hi Hat2: That's analogue (heavy- or soft-) metal.
  • CLAP: Classic analogue hand claps.
  • Includes Triggers

Manufacturer: Vermona

This page first created on: 29/05/2015

Customer Reviews


I ordered this form dv247 because they were offering it at the best price as far as I could see. It arrived within a few days, well packaged and in perfect condition. This is a highly underrated drum synthesizer, and a beast of a machine. A great range of sounds from big kicks, snappy snares, tight hats, to strange, alternative effects (I currently have mine sounding like an old steam locomotive).

It didn't take me long to hook it up with the rest of my gear. Easy to control via a MIDI keyboard, that didn't take long to set up. I did however have to upgrade to a larger interface to accomodate for all the outputs (to give me better control over each individual sound in my DAW). But, an interface with 2 inputs works just as well if you take the signal from the DRM1's left and right outputs.

All in all, great sounding machine, a lot of fun, and it looks amazing.

This customer purchased the product in September 2015


Very nice drum machine. Totally worth it. Very versatile in crafting drum hits with the options they provide. Don't trust the YouTube demos, they're all awful and don't do it justice.

This customer purchased the product in May 2017