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Vermona Kick Lancet Drum Synthesizer

Code: 89562    Manufacturer Part No: 10211   
Vermona Kick Lancet Drum Synthesizer


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Kick Lancet Drum Synthesizer description:

The Vermona Kick Lancet is a desktop analogue percussion synthesizer with an emphasis on the creation of kick drum sounds.

The Kick Lancet from Vermona has a sound structure based on an analogue oscillator producing sine and square waves that can be blended seamlessly to suit the needs of your tracks. It also features two independent envelopes generators that can modulate the oscillator and VCA.

In addition, the VCO can be modulated further by a fast LFO. Addtional Noise and Pulse signals can be mixed in the Mixer section and if this wasn't enough a Balls control allow for the creation of a really big sound.

Futhermore The Kick Lancet can be triggered by MIDI but also by CV GATE, Trigger switch, and audio giving you total control and freedom.

The main features of the Kick Lancet includes:

  • Controller:
    • DECAY – controls decay time of VCA
    • PITCH – oscillator frequency
    • BEND – envelope intensity (pitch)
    • TIME – BEND envelope speed
    • FM FREQ – LFO frequency
    • FM INT – LFO intensity (pitch)
    • ATTACK – adds a pulse to the signal
    • NOISE – adds noise to the signal
    • WAVE – mixes between sine- and square waveform
    • BALLS – more fatness!
  • Trigger
    • MIDI (note number an channel can be assigned freely)
    • AUDIO Trigger
    • SWITCH Trigger
    • GATE voltage (dynamically)
  • Measurements & Weight
    • width: ca. 210 mm
    • depth: ca. 145 mm
    • height: ca. 55 mm
    • weight: ca. 600 g

MPN: 10211

Manufacturer: Vermona

This page first created on: 06/09/2011

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