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Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer, Black

Code: 89183    Manufacturer Part No: Blofeld-BK   
Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer, Black
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Blofeld Synthesizer, Black description:

The Waldorf Blofeld, Black Synthesizer Module is a compact and lightweight synth full of Waldorf's legendary sounds and technology. The Blofeld is heavy duty in design, thanks to it's full metal chassis. The Blofeld will accommodate producers and musicians with the very best fat and rich sounds for any studio.

The Blofeld by Waldorf features a wavetable engine just like the high-end Waldorf synths. The Blofeld is based upon the revolutionary PPG Wave synthesizers of the early 80s, to produce fresh sounds for today's hit music. Be prepared for edgy, hard-hitting and bell-like timbres and tones, only fitting for popular and creative music.

All this and more is packed into the slim and elegant device that is Blofeld. Three oscillators offers authentic circuit-models of analogue waveforms: Pulse with variable pulse-width, sawtooth, triangle and the ever popular sine wave. The Blofeld includes all ROM Wavetables from Waldorf's flagship synth the Wave, as well as Microwave II/XT.

The Blofeld has an easy to use interface and a detailed graphic display. All rotaries and knobs are made from steel. Browsing through the Blofeld has been made easy. Selecting a category with the right dial (under the display) causes Blofeld to show only sounds belonging to that particular category. The creative possibilities are endless with the Blofeld.

The main features of the Blofeld includes:

  • Sturdy Metal Enclosure
  • 7 endless stainless steel Dials
  • Graphic Display 128 x 64 pixels, b/w, white background LED
  • More than 1000 Sounds
  • 3 Oscillators per voice
  • Frequency Modulation between the Oscillators
  • All Q Oscillator Models
  • All Microwave II/XT/XTk Wavetables
  • 2 independent Multi Mode Filters per voice
  • Filter FM
  • 2 Drive stages per voice with selectable Drive Curves
  • 3 fast LFOs per voice
  • 4 fast Envelopes per voice
  • Powerful Arpeggiator
  • Freely programmable Arpeggiator Pattern with up to 16 Steps per Sound
  • Up to 25 Voices
  • 16 part multi timbral
  • More than 1000 Sounds
  • sturdy Metal Enclosure
  • 7 endless stainless steel Dials
  • 5 Buttons
  • Graphic Display 128 x 64 pixels, b/w, white background LED
  • Volume Control
  • Power Switch
  • Stereo Output
  • Headphone Output
  • MIDI In
  • USB Connector for MIDI In / Out
  • Uses standard USB MIDI Driver provided by host computer OS
  • Windows ME minimum, Windows XP or newer recommended
  • Mac OS X 10.2 minimum, Mac OS X 10.3 or newer recommended
  • External Power Supply Included

MPN: Blofeld-BK

Manufacturer: Waldorf

This page first created on: 18/08/2011

Customer Reviews


As a previous owner of the microwave IIXT rack I have a clear idea of the quality that Waldorf can produce. In fact I only sold that synth because of rsi caused from reaching to the rack to grab at the gorgeous button interface that synth afforded. So I'm now in the market for a compact desktop/module to suit my live needs. Second hand virus units are not uncommon but here the little blofeld started to make sense. On first inspection the build quality screams Waldorf, sturdy, elegant that wonderful sense of ergonomics that axel haartman is so well known for. The sounds, just oozing Waldorf quality, the filters in this thing are joy to use feeding them a myriad of possibilities from the highly speced oscillators brings much fun.

However the big let down. This thing is buggy. It's awful in fact. Constant freezing mid programming or while tweaking parameters live. Switch off, switch on no joy, leave for 5 mins oh it might work but many times did not. This after two days from delivery and I'm glad I never bought this on the second hand market! How the mighty have fallen. While this synth maintains the sonic character of Waldorf synths of old it is clearly lacking the DSP finesse that Waldorf once displayed.
Avoid at all costs!

This customer purchased the product in January 2017

London GB

Not the most visually attractive synth I've owned but the build is extremely solid and the sound is great. I bought it for the wavetable capabilities, for bells, pads, etc, but I've found it has some surprisingly good bass presets and VA sounds as well.

It gets a bit menu-divey but the deep editing capabilities are welcome in a digital synth (especially the routing/modulation options) and the four knob layout makes editing many parameters a cinch, e.g. ADSR envelopes.

A very capable digital synth with a broad sound palette at a good price. Only thing it lacks for me is MIDI out/thru ports, though if you are using a computer with a USB midi setup this won't be such an issue.

This customer purchased the product in August 2016

Expertise/Experience: semi pro
Music Style: electronica
London GB

Absolutely outstanding synth!
The waldorf Blofeld desktop packs a powerful punch for such a small synthesizer it is robustly built and 10 out of 10 for value for money

This customer purchased the product in May 2015