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Schoeps MK 5 Omni And Cardioid Pattern Microphone Capsule

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Schoeps MK 5 Omni And Cardioid Pattern Microphone Capsule


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MK 5 Omni And Cardioid Pattern Microphone Capsule description:

The Schoeps MK5 is part of the Colette series of modular capsules designed for use with the CMC preamplifiers. Thanks to its special mechanical pattern-switching arrangement, two directional patterns can be selected with the MK 5, despite its single-diaphragm design. Unlike dual-diaphragm capsules, in the omnidirectional setting it is a true pressure transducer with flat response down to the lowest frequencies. A mechanical slide switch in the side of the microphone determines the pattern. In the omni position the MK5 is a true pressure transducer, and the polar diagram shows an increasing directivity toward the high frequencies which is typical for such a transducer. In the cardioid position equal components of pressure- gradient and pressure operation combine to form a cardioid pattern. (Intermediate switch positions are mechanically possible, but are not recommended.) The fact that response is maintained to the highest audible frequencies is unusual for a switchable-pattern microphone.

The MK5 has a slight high- frequency emphasis as compared with the corresponding single-pattern omni (MK2) and cardioid (MK4).


  • Omni and cardioid patterns, mechanically switchable
  • Slight emphasis of the high frequencies
  • Broad range of applications


  • Mic Type: Condenser
  • Polar Pattern(s): Omni. and Cardioid
  • Freq Response: 40 - 20.000
  • Noise Level: 18 dB-A
  • Sensitivity: 10 / 12 mV
  • Power Required: CMC Power Module Required

Manufacturer: Schoeps

This page first created on: 27/06/2007

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