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£80 Cashback on Pioneer Products

Published: Wednesday 04 July 2012

Controllers and monitor speakers heavily discounted until 31st July.

The best things in life, they say, are free. And we can definitely concur when a manufacturer is keen to give us £80. But that’s what happens when you buy one of numerous products from the Pioneer range – you’ll be given £80 cash back for your custom!

Receive £80 Cashback on Pioneer Products

Until the 31 July, anyone purchasing the DDJ-T1, DDJ-S1, DDJ-Ergo-V, S-DJ05 or S-DJ08 will be immediately eligible to get £80 straight back, provided they fill out the form that’s linked to from every product page right now – it’s a simple process that will take five minutes, and there are no other obligations. Brilliant. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your DJ and live performance gear, this a good excuse to do it for a significantly smaller cost. Here’s a breakdown of which products are eligible.

Recieve £80 Cashback On The Following Pioneer Products

DDJ-T1 Controller: This hardware/software control rig is the perfect way of DJing with the incredibly comprehensive Traktor 2.5. The jog wheels and control panel perfectly mirror the on-screen controls, so you’re able to see exactly where you’re making changes, and can quickly and efficiently perform, produce and remix without dropping a beat.

DDJ-S1 Controller: On the other hand, if you’re a Serato user then Pioneer fortunately cater for you too – with a rugged chassis and an attention to detail that replicates the DJ software on either side of the jog wheels, you can be confident in performance after only a little time to acclimatise yourself with the rig. The unit is perfect for fitting into the portable DJ’s setup.

DDJ-ERGO-V Controller: A new take on controllers, the Ergo V marries deftly-accessible switches, faders and jog wheels with a colour-coded back-lit design, so that in any environment you have the entire setup under your fingertips and fully under control. It looks stunning live and pairs up brilliantly with the included Virtual DJ/Seratro Intro software.

S-DJ05 Monitor Speakers: These active monitor speakers are bi-amped, 80-Watt models with a bass reflex enclosure, and have been specifically designed for the DJ and dance producer. Onboard four-input switching (via external control wheel) is one particular amendment that will make all the difference to those remixing and using multiple sound sources to create and perform.

S-DJ08 Monitor Speakers: 250-Watt speakers are for the DJ and producer looking for that extra bass response. They also have the same input selection system, super convenient for those working with larger, more varied setups.

Download the Pioneer cashback form, and don’t hesitate to contact our sales team for any further advice.

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