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Ableton Flash Sale: Up to 33 Per Cent Off

Published: Wednesday 13 June 2012

Ableton Live News: If there was ever a time to seize the day it’s surely now, as Ableton has announced a spur-of-the-moment ‘flash sale’, which sees various versions and upgrades of the world-acclaimed DAW heavily discounted to as much as 33 per cent. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to bring your production software bang up to date, take advantage of this offer fast, as it only lasts until the 15th of June!

Ableton Suite 8 Production and Live Performance DAW

Live 8 sees a 20 per cent discount, and will be a particularly popular choice, being as it is the core DAW setup. With impressive audio, MIDI and sequencing popularity and with options to connect with the likes of the Launchpad control surface, Live 8 has fast become one of the most popular choices for producers, particularly those working within the dance world.

Live Suite 8, which adds a huge amount of extra plug-ins and bundled software to Live 8, is the most comprehensive version available, and sees the heaviest discount. It’s 24 per cent off for the next couple of days, and those of you looking to upgrade from existing copies of Live Lite and Intro will benefit from a huge 33 per cent off! It’s an absolute steal for what effectively kits you out for heavy-duty production work all from one purchase.

Speaking of Intro, even the stripped-down take on the Ableton DAW has been discounted – you can pick it up for 22 per cent less – so the real beginners or those simply testing the water will benefit too.

Whichever version of Ableton you’re specifically after, this deal is limited to only a few days, so snap up the offer while you can!


Good news for those of you only just taking notice of this fantastic deal on Ableton products – they’ve been so overwhelmed with the response to the ‘flash sale’ that they’ve chosen to further extend the offer until 12pm on Monday the 18TH of June. So, there’s still time to pick up a brand new DAW or upgrade at an unbelievably low price – just make sure you get your order in before 12PM on Monday and you’ll benefit from the full discount!

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