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Akai Update VIP Software to Version 3.0

Akai’s Virtual Instrument Player (V.I.P) software, provided with all their keyboard controllers, has just received an update to version 3.0, adding even more features to the already critically acclaimed utility. VIP3.0 offers universal compatibility with VST plug-ins from any MIDI controller, granting fluid and intuitive creative workflow for musicians, engineers and producers in any field. Aside from the obvious advantage that mapping any plug-in process to your controller offers, for many it is the physicality of using faders, button and pads instead of mouse and keyboard that brings an added artistic dimension to recording, tracking and mixing. Using VIP3.0 any user can catalogue, control and map their entire VST collection to the MIDI controller of their choosing, as well as 3rd party developers having the option to create their own maps for greater integration going forward.

The current list of compatible controllers has now been expanded to include Akai’s Professional Advance series, MPK88, MPK2 series, MPK Mini MkII, APC Key 25, alongside M-Audio’s CTRL49, CODE series, Oxygen series & Axiom AIR Mini 32 controllers. This list will grow as developers offer new MIDI maps for their controllers in the future.

The list of VIP3.0’s capabilities is extensive:

  • Plays most available VST plug-ins & effects
  • Stand-Alone virtual instrument effect player or AU/VST/AAX plug-in
  • Included plug-in browser to view and select from your collection
  • Included effect browser, arranged by type and with audition function
  • Edit and mix up to 8 virtual instruments
  • Expanded multi mixer for routing control
  • Save effect patches using Effects Stacks for easy selection
  • VIPMS - allows production of plug-in maps for 3rd party developers of virtual instruments and effects
  • Intelligent MIDI learn functionality with enhanced compatibility with recognised controllers

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