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Allen & Heath's portable ZED60-14FX Announced

Published: Wednesday 01 August 2012

Allen & Heath’s brand new ZED60-14FX compact USB mixer has launched, clearly designed to be perfect for working with small bands in both studio and live settings.

A&H have specifically considered users who might be recording without necessarily having access to or need of guitar amplifiers – on this eight-channel desk, channels 7-8 benefit from hi-z inputs that can take a guitar straight in. These inputs are calibrated to deliver guitar-amp-esque preamp tonality – specifically a tube emulation that will get the best out of your instruments (whether they be high- or low-gain output from the pick-ups.

Allen and Heath ZED60-14FX

It’s also called ‘FX’ with good reason – you get the bank of pro-sounding effects which the range has been well acclaimed for as standard, so expect to be adding delicate or booming reverbs to your feed too.

More than a feature

While both the effects and the guitar inputs are massively appreciated of course, the desk itself is a comprehensive one, the eight-channel mixer benefitting from two stereo ins, USB out for direct recording, XLR stereo outs and separate headphone and speaker feeds within the monitoring section.

It adds up to a mixer that’s full of professional appointments without costing a huge amount and without proving a hassle to carry around either – you can take this little chassis anywhere, incredibly portable size that it is.

We suspect that in particular bands looking to record themselves and live engineers who want to do swift mixing and recording at gigs will benefit most from the ZED60-14FX, but in fact any portable rigs will find this desk to be the perfect hub for on-the-fly recording work.

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