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Alva’s Nanoface might look a little familiar, we won’t lie, but the price of this 6x6 I/O will, we suspect, raise a few eyebrows. This incredibly sleek little device is absolutely ideal for the songwriter or producer on the move, connecting as it does via USB to deliver 24-bit/96kHz sound.

Alva Nanoface Audio Interface

You’ve got two mic preamps (phantom power, natch), and in terms of inputs there’s hi-Z for direct guitar DI’ing, stereo RCA analogue inputs, an S/PDIF optical, 1 x MIDI in and 2x MIDI out. So, you can work with a host of different sources on the move, and because the whole thing is powered directly by USB you’re not constricted by the need for power points etc.

It’s been designed to operate in serious low latency, and has that handy dial on the front for quick rotary control too. It’s a great package for a jaw-dropping price right now, so if you’re in the market for high quality recording with a small footprint, then look no further! Get in touch with our sales team if you have any more questions about the Alva Nanoface.

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