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Biggest Tours in Rock and Roll History

Published: Friday 27 July 2012

Not knowing what Pete Townshend’s correct birthday is, what Jimi Hendrix’s first guitar was or even the colour of the underwear that Bono wore on his 35 birthday can sometimes lead to heated arguments between friends. So if you consider yourself a true rocker you should have a complete arsenal of knowledge encompassing the whole world of rock’n’roll, ranging from dates, places, bands, members and most importantly – tours.

Contained within in this thrash-tastic infographic are interesting figures, facts and nuggets of knowledge concerning some of the best rock tours this planet has ever seen; all of which are truly essential pieces of information for the man who sports his 1981 AC/DC t-shirt a little more than he should. You do not have to be in a band or be a loyal roadie to be granted access to this infographic – rock’n’roll does not judge!

Biggest Tours in Rock and Roll History - An infographic by the team at DV247

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