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Drastic Reductions on Budda Amplifiers & Heads!

Published: Thursday 08 June 2017

Budda Guitar Heads & Amplifiers on Limited Time Offer!

We have managed to acquire a number of Budda Amplification’s excellent Superdrive Series II and Superdrive V-Series guitar heads and combos at a very low price, which we are passing onto our customers. The reductions differ between models, but all are significantly reduced from the standard price making them very attractive propositions for guitarists in the market for new amplification options.

Some of the models featured include the Superdrive V20 1x12” Combo Amplifier and the Superdrive II 80W Guitar Amplifier Head, both hand wired powerhouses of tone that excel in both clean and distorted sounds.

For the complete collection of Budda products check out their site here, or peruse our greatly reduced prices below. These amplifiers are not expected to hang around - the offer can only last as long as the stock!

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