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Cubase 6.5 Upgrades For Even Less

Published: Thursday 12 July 2012

If you've been dazzled by the progressively more impressive updates to the acclaimed Cubase DAW series, you'll know that the most recent incarnation – Cubase 6.5 – has been something of a revelation in terms of incredibly efficient and precise recording and song structuring, comprehensive sound-manipulation tools, arrangement software and fearsomely powerful plug-ins.

Cubase 6.5 Upgrades For Even Less

Those of you who are using an older version of Cubase but are yet to make the jump should take note, then, of the brand new offer that sees you getting an incredibly cheap upgrade to the brand new 6.5 version.

From now until the 31st of August, you can take advantage of two offers, detailed here:

Steinberg Cubase Artist V6.5 Boxed Upgrade from Cubase SE 3, LE 4, LE 5, AI 4, AI 5, Studio Case 2 and Sequel 2. That's right – even those of you using legacy software as far back as version 3 can benefit from this £169 upgrade, and note also that Sequel 2 users are also eligible. Artist V6.5 will bring you bang up to date with the latest functionality and give you access to a gigantic range of new tools that will allow you to more effectively edit any audio you feed into the DAW. New quantising features, VST expression, FLAC encoding and guitar Amp Rack plug-ins – the awesome new feature set is all yours for significantly less.

Steinberg Cubase V6.5 Boxed Upgrade from Cubase SL 1, SL2, SL 3, SX 1, SX 2, SX 3, SE 3, LE 4, LE 5, , LE 6, AI 4, AI 5, AI 6, Essential 4, Essential 5, Studio Case 2 and Sequel. For those of you keen to make the leap to the full version of Cubase V6.5, you're able to jump in from just about any previous version! Tackle any form or recording, mixing and mastering with the pro-users version of the setup, and benefit from the addition of DJ-EQ functions, a Padshop granular synthesis engine, MorphFilter curve blending effects and Retrologue classic synth emulations! And it's only £318.85 for a limited time!

Both upgrade paths are extremely cheap, so we recommend you get a hold of them before 31st of August when time runs out!

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