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Dave Smith Instruments:Great news from DSI this week with the announcement of the Sequential Prophet - 6 Desktop 6- Voice Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer. Read on for more info:

Backpack Sized Glory

Much like the Prophet-6 Keyboard, this new desktop version is just as powerful and just as easy to use. All of the same controls are present; full-sized knobs and switches are there to be played with and the general layout of the unit is simple and ergonomic. The heart and soul of the Prophet – 6 Desktop has a beautiful analogue signal path with VCOs and VCFs – digital effects are also of a high quality and a poly chain feature means that any two Prophet-6s can be paired for twelve-voice polyphony.

Vintage to Modern Wonderment

The Prophet-6 moves forward from the original that started it all off; the Sequential Prophet-5. Built and constructed from the great Dave Smith’s tribute to the poly synth that started it all off, the synth crossed boundaries and became a classic in the making. The Prophet-6 Desktop takes all of these classic qualities and then some. True voltage-controlled oscillators, filters, and amplifiers are still there, but studio-quality effects, a polyphonic step sequencer, arpeggiator plus so much more. This synthesiser has a perfect analogue tone with an outstanding reliability – a modern masterpiece.

The Tone and Vibe Connection

Two newly-designed voltage-controlled oscillators (plus sub-oscillator) have been added to the Prophet-6 Desktop. Variable waveshapes provide a tonal palette with triangle, sawtooth, and variable-width pulse waves. There are two discrete filters per voice—a four-pole, resonant, low-pass inspired by the original Prophet-5 filter, and a two-pole, resonant, high-pass filter. Voltage-controlled amplifiers complete the all-analogue signal path.

Effects Dual Off

Dual effects provide studio-quality reverbs, standard and BBD delays and a chorus and phase shifter. Most other effects are digital, with a 24-bit, 48 kHz resolution as true bypass maintains a full analogue signal path. There’s also an independent stereo distortion effect, which is 100% analogue.


Both Poly Mod and Poly Step Sequencing are featured on the Prophet – 6 Desktop. Modulation sources are filter envelope and oscillator 2 (both with bi-polar control). Destinations include oscillator 1 frequency, oscillator 1 shape, oscillator 1 pulse width, low-pass filter cutoff, and high-pass filter cutoff. The polyphonic step sequencer allows up to 64 steps and up to 6 notes per step. You can create sequences polyphonically, with rests, and sync to an external MIDI clock. The full-featured arpeggiator can be synced to external MIDI clock as well.

Programmable Heaven

There are 500 permanent factory programs and 500 rewritable user programs on the Prophet-6. Toggling off the Pre-set button enables live panel mode where the sound of the Prophet-6 switches to the current settings of its knobs and switches.

Perfect Portability

The Prophet-6 Desktop is small enough to fit into a backpack or briefcase – just don’t let the boss catch you on it during that very important meeting! Perfect portability means perfect power – the Prophet-6’ magic will work wonders for any stage or studio.

Dave Smith himself talks more about this beauty in the video below:

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