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Digi 003 Firmware Update for MIDI Mode

Published: Tuesday 06 March 2007

Digidesign 003 Factory

To use MIDI mode on the Digidesign 003, you must first download and update the firmware on your 003. This 003 firmware update is not included with the initial release of the 003.

Please Note: This firmware is only for the Digi 003 console model with faders, it will not work with 003 Rack or Digi 002.

Overview of MIDI Mode on the Digi 003

In MIDI mode, 003 can control hardware MIDI devices and software other than Pro Tools. Each of 003’s faders, rotary encoders, and 45 of its switches and the footswitch can be custom programmed to send control data on any continuous controller (0–127) and MIDI channel (1–16). 003 switches can also send MIDI Machine Control (MMC) transport control messages (RW, FF, ST, PL, and RC).

MIDI mode can used in any of the following 003 Operating modes: Pro Tools Mode Use MIDI mode to control a ReWire application (such as Propellerhead’s Reason), stand-alone software instrument, or external MIDI device. Third-Party Mode Use MIDI mode to control your third-party audio application (using the Digidesign ASIO Driver or the Digidesign CoreAudio Driver). In Standby Mode Use MIDI mode to control an external MIDI device. For more information, see the 003 MIDI Mode Guide and 003 MIDI Mode Read Me documents, included with the firmware downloads and also available separately from the link below.

Updating 003 Firmware

To update your 003 firmware:

  • 1) Verify that you have already installed the version of Pro Tools LE 7.3* software that was included with your 003. Quit the Pro Tools application if it is running.
  • 2) Verify that your 003 is properly connected to your computer and powered on.
  • 3) From the links below, download the 003 Firmware Update application for Mac OS X or Windows XP to your desktop.
  • 4) Once the download is complete, open the disk image (Mac OS X) or the ZIP file (Windows XP) and double-click on the 003 Firmware Update application to launch it.
  • 5) Follow the on-screen instructions for updating the firmware on your 003.
  • 6) When the firmware update is complete, click OK.
  • 7) Launch Pro Tools.
  • 8) When Pro Tools prompts you to update the 003 firmware, click OK. Pro Tools will quit automatically after a successful firmware update.
  • 9) Re-launch Pro Tools. The firmware on your 003 will have been successfully updated.

*After installing Pro Tools LE 7.3 for 003, you can update to Pro Tools LE 7.3.1 or 7.3.1cs1 (available from the Digidesign website), either before or after updating the firmware. The 003 firmware updaters will work with any version of Pro Tools LE 7.3.x for 003 installed.

The firmware can be downloaded here (Digidesign 003 Factory ONLY).

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