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Antelope Audio New Interface & Microphones

Published: Monday 16 October 2017

Antelope’s Discrete 8 & Edge/Verge Microphones

Available to buy from the beginning of November are a trio of exciting new pro audio releases from Antelope Audio, alongside cutting-edge modelling software to expand the capabilities provided by the new technology. The combination of high-quality audio with the near-infinite sonic possibilities offered by modelling microphones should be very appealing to many musicians and engineers, especially as the software evolves and improves to incorporate legendary historic mic models and otherwise impossible recording techniques.

Discrete 8

The Discrete 8 is a USB & Thunderbolt audio interface featuring eight console grade 6-transistor discrete preamps, 121dB dynamic range conversion and word clocking. The Discrete 8 also ships with Antelope’s entire premier real-time FPGA FX, giving access to sophisticated software mirroring some of the greatest audio hardware employed in recording history. Furthermore, Antelope’s AFX platform and the new ConnectAFX plug-in will be available to Discrete 8 users – this is a rapidly expanding hardware modelling engine, including Accusonic 3D microphone and preamp models, vintage outboard gear, guitar amplifiers and more, all easily manageable in your DAW with ConnectAFX. Discrete 8’s audio processing also works seamlessly with the technology found in the new Edge and Verge microphones.


This microphone is a large capsule condenser with ground-breaking discrete electronics. Edge has been carefully designed for sonic performance, has excellent transient response and can record audio in multiple poplar patterns. FPGA Accusonic 3D modelling software can work with Edge to affect many of the microphone’s attributes, even extending to the alteration of polar patterns after recording, and the replication of classic microphones. Of course, the Edge is still an exceptional condenser microphone in its own rite, and can operate without modelling algorithms if desired.


Verge is the perfect complement to Edge, a small diaphragm, electret-style modelling mic which excels at directional accuracy and sources producing high sound pressure levels. As with Edge, Verge can be employed both as a standard microphone or used in conjunction with the FPGA modelling engine for advanced configuration options.

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