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FREE Bags with Mackie PA Speakers

Published: Thursday 21 June 2012

DV247 PA Live Sound News: Mackie fans should take advantage of the free bags that accompany a multitude of their PA speakers while stocks last.

For that limited time, the SRM450v2, C300z and Thump TH-15 speakers available via the links below will all be shipped with corresponding bags, with no extra cost to you.

The bags themselves have been made for those of you who are in it for the long haul, as it were, and benefit from hard-wearing material and tough stitching. It’ll make whichever set of speakers you decide to plump for that much easier to carry, and of course waterproofed when you’re carrying them through the more-embittered elements.

There are no forms to fill in or sites to sign up for to take advantage of this deal either, you’ll get the cases by simply ordering from our store online. So if you’ve been looking for new PA speakers, the value added here could well be enough to make your decision for you, not even taking into the fact that all three speaker ranges are powerful, professional and portable to boot!

For further spec details, click on the individual links below, or feel free to get directly in touch with our sales people for any other advice.

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