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Discontinued Fender Items at Offer Prices

The guys over at Fender regularly examine their existing guitar, bass and amplifier ranges and discontinue certain lines to make way for new styles, colours and models. For some this cannot happen enough, and for others it happens far too often! In any event, once a range is discontinued Fender no longer manufactures those items and the only way to obtain them is to find someone who is still carrying them in stock (at least until Fender decide to re-release the item, often in a different form). This is where we come in! Although the following models are still available from Fender, they are not available in these particular configurations – meaning that if your ideal colour, neck or options are present in any of the following lines, time is running out to pick up your perfect musical companion! We are also passing on a significant discount to sweeten the deal even further.

Talking of new ranges, Fender are currently running a competition with amazing prizes based on the new American Professional range - learn how to enter here.

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