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Focusrite Unveils New Scarlett 2i4 Interface

Published: Wednesday 12 September 2012

Focusrite launches new addition to Scarlett range: The Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, arguably the perfect solution for the bedroom, portable or project producer who needs reliable build, clarity and musicality in their audio and impressive connectivity and monitoring options, has today been unveiled.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 audio interface.

This 2-in 4-out USB audio interface is housed within an anodised aluminium unibody shell, looking resplendent in a metallic red while the front and back panels are finished in a sleek black.

From the Neutrik inputs, two tried-and-tested and much-loved Focusrite preamps take pride of place (with 10db pads on each), delivering a full and rich character to your sound and further sent at 24-bit/96-kHz via USB to the recording setup of your choice. Four phono outputs reside around the back of the 2i4, two of which are balanced TRS.

Setting your sound straight

While the basic elements of the smallest member of the Scarlett family are more than up to scratch for all manner of studio, live and field recording applications, though, levelling, monitoring and sending your sound is an equally professional affair.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 audio interface.

Beautiful 'Halo' ring LED signal indicators on the 2i4 will let you know immediately whether the signal is being pushed too hard; a mix control knob allows you to blend playback and input levels to an optimum level. A switchable headphone monitor makes things even easier so that you can hear the outs you want to isolate - maybe all are going to the mixer, but maybe two are heading to a different location (all of which can be routed easily) and A/B comparisons will be necessary.

The Scarlett 2i4 is USB bus-powered, making it even more ideal for the laptop producer, and Ableton Live Lite, along with an Xcite production bundle, are both included as bonus software. For the producer just finding their feet or the seasoned engineer who needs something small enough to carry but durable enough to take out and about, the Scarlett 2i4 is absolutely perfect. To find more about the Scarlett 2i4, why not call us on 08450 777247.

By Rob Sandall

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