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XLN – creators of the supremely useable Addictive Drums – have decided to make their drum-track-creation software even more tempting a purchase via an offer that will run from now until 30th June. Anyone who decides to purchase Addictive Drums will then be able to register online and download a free AD pack worth £50.

Free AD Pack With Addictive Drums Until July

The AD packs are collections of high-quality samples and grooves that can be imported into the drum-track system, and depending on preference you have a huge number of styles and genres to pick between – retro and modern kits, jazz and metal kits and more unusual percussion instruments too. It hugely expands the rhythmic possibilities for any producer, sound engineer or song writer, and thanks to Addictive Drums’ incredibly logical sample selection and placement process, it takes no time at all to get these new sounds straight in to your arrangements.

Modern Jazz – Sticks

XLN Modern Jazz Sticks ADPak

A collection of beats and grooves designed for those with a little swing in their soul. Wonderfully sampled snap that embodies the true light-hearted kick-along of modern jazz.

Modern Jazz – Brushes

XLN Modern Jazz Brushes ADPak

Brush work has always been tricky to work in to production with samples. Thank goodness, for a collection of software hits that will be perfect for shuffles and more subtle beat work.


XLN Funk ADPak

True funky beats can turn a simple groove into a powerful, soul-fuelled jam. This collection of bright hits and rhythms will be perfect for steadily moving your music along with an upbeat pace – snappy snares and tuneful toms aplenty.

Reel Machines

XLN Reel Machines ADPak

if you’re all about your 80’s, why not take advantage of a sample bank full of synthesised hits, electronic pops and hand claps – with the boom in electronica firmly cemented into current pop, this is an incredibly versatile option.


XLN Indie ADPak

The modern producer needs a lot of head room and a variety of expansive, warm drum sounds that still have enough power to carry a driving force on indie tracks. The Indie AD pack is the perfect solution for this, lovingly sampled to help you introduce a little swagger to your beats.


XLN Metal ADPak

Pummelling bass, toms that roar and a snare that puts the fear of God into your listeners. Those of you with a desire to get a little darker will absolutely love the Metal pack’s collection of double-pedal, power-hitting samples.

Once you’ve chosen what will comprise your virtual kit, mixing and effects options are hugely abundant, and you’ll end up with a well-polished professional sound without having to break the bank or waste any time. Considering Addictive Drums is currently available for less than £130, the addition of the £50 AD pack makes it something of a no-brainer. If you need a groove-creation plug-in for your Mac or PC on any DAW, this should be one of your first considerations.

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