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Kemper Amps Raise Their Profile

Published: Friday 20 July 2012

Brand New Kemper 1.1 firmware update available now: Dream guitar rig recreationists Kemper have improved their already incredibly well received Profiling Amplifier with an extensive firmware update to version 1.1. This essential upgrade includes the awesome new Lo-Fi FX and a staggering 50 new Amp Profiles gathered from a wide range of players renowned for their enviable setups.

Kemper Profiling Amp Firmware Update 1.1

The KPA has been stunning guitarists with its insanely accurate amp tones, and the ability of this clever little box to capture the living, breathing essence of a player’s favourite guitar amp has led to its inclusion in some of the world’s best recording facilities – not to mention the touring rigs of the most eminent players on the globe. With users as diverse as Steve Lukather, Tim McGraw, Andy Sneap and Marilyn Manson, the Kemper is proving itself to be an indispensable unit that can be equally at home on huge stages, professional studios and personal setups at home. This new update allows the Profiling Amplifier to become even more flexible and powerful, giving the user an even greater sonic palette to help them craft their sound.

Video features Rem Massingill, who is guitar tech to the likes of Tom Morello and Jerry Cantrell.

New Amplifier Profiles

The guitar tone boffins at Kemper have worked their magic to cram even more super-realistic ‘3D-like’ amp profiles into their box of tricks, giving you access to some extremely rare and sought after sounds that would be almost impossible to get otherwise. Some of the highlights include:

  • Mountain Amp / Vancouver Canada, claimed to be the world’s best 9V amp. 6 1/2 heavy duty Eminence speaker.
  • Blackface Bassman from 1965 modded by Siggi Mehl / 2x12 Celestion Black Shadow speaker.
  • Vox AC 15 from 1975 modded by Siggi Mehl / 1x12 original CTS ( Chicago Telephone Supply ) speaker.
  • Dead Vox AC 15 / the amp died during the session, they profiled that very moment, sounds like the Fuzz you can‘t buy, very early Zeppelin style.
  • Selmer Zodiac Twin Fifty Truevoice / Crocodile period from 1963-64 with "Magic Eye" and original Goodman speakers.
  • Siggi Mehl Amp 2 with Baldringer Dual Drive Pedal, handbuilt by Dirk Baldringer with 4x12 Marshall Cab, loaded with 1976 Celestion Blackbacks.
  • VAC 25 version 1 Valvetech USA handmade amp, free point to point wiring, Celestion H30 Anniversary speaker


Kemper are also spoiling users with 8 new, weird and wonderful effects of the type normally associated with electronic instruments. They include:

Rate Reducer
Reduces the sample rate of your sound, resulting in crunchy digital oddness. And of course fun!

Ring Modulator
A sine oscillator modulates the signal, resulting in brilliant robotic electro noises.

Frequency Shifter
A cross between a ring modualator and a pitch shifter. Not unlike a shortwave radio that hasn't been tuned correctly...

Recti Shaper
An octave fuzz effect, which works by combining a rectifier with distortion.

Bit Shaper
The Bit Shaper continuously reduces the bit depth of a signal, with higher 'Drive' settings resulting in fewer available bits. Results in a crunchy digital distortion.

Soft Shaper, Hard Shaper and Wave Shaper
These are distortion effects, with a unique character, that probably never existed in the analog realm. They are especially destructive when playing double-stops or chords.

The new Amp Profiles as well as the new FX set come free of charge with the Kemper Profiling Amp and can also be found in the support section of their website. If you haven't yet got your Kemper Profiling Amp, check out why you should!

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