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Kronos X next big thing from Korg

Published: Wednesday 18 July 2012

The Korg Kronos X has landed as of Summer NAMM, and we couldn’t be more excited. You might recall that we got more than a bit excited about the original Kronos when it launched last year – it was, we decided, the best workstation on the market. And ‘X’ is no small upgrade, either.

Korg Kronos X

The core functionality boost has been to memory, SSD and sampler features. With 2GB of PCM RAM and a whopping 62GB SSD, you can have more sounds loaded up and ready and blisteringly fast access to them too.

You might well need that extra room, as Kronos X has the option of providing extension packs 10-13 of samples direct to the hard drive (demo versions are included alongside the full ext’s 1-9). You can add in a second SSD for good measure, and transmit data to and from these via a USB Ethernet connection for efficient backup and storage.

Kronos OS v2.0

Kronos OS v2.0 is on the way, which will be available for the Korg Kronos X and its predecessor – it’s not a massive departure but it does tighten up some functionality significantly. Mainly you can create custom user sample libraries, which is certainly no bad thing. You can also take different sounds from different banks without duplicating now, saving memory while remaining efficient.

Navigating through your internal storage is made nice and easy with the X – shuffle your programs, wave sequences and drum kits to where you need them most. It’ll make live access when you need to call up whole sets on the fly. You can export the samples to external drives while still maintaining the links from and to programs etc. Soundfont 2.0/Akai, and user samples can also be used – it really has become an incredibly inclusive system.

The v2.0 operating system update will be a free download for all Kronos users, and be pre-loaded on Korg Kronos X out of the box. We’re excited about the new workstation and the new operating system, and the second we have stock we’ll let you know!

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