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Laney Tony Iommi Stack

Published: Monday 22 February 2010

Laney Tony Iommi GH100TI & GS412LS Bundle News: Designed in conjunction with a name perhaps more synonymous with metal than any other, Laney’s Toni Iommi signature half-stack was never going to be the most subtle of amplifiers, but even we’re surprised at how much of a punch it packs.

The GH100TI head is a monster of an amplifier, packing a huge amount of gain (with hi and lo inputs) and bright and bass switches to add colour to the juicy EL34/ECC83 tone. And we've got our hands on some at a super low price which we're passing right on to you, you tone-hungry purveyor of metal riffs. The bundled GS412LS cab packs four 12” 80 Watt Celestion drivers pushing out 320 watts, more than capable of doing justice to a better class of chunky sound.

If you’re a fan of absolutely crushing rock and need a hi-gain companion to your humbucking axe, it would be insanity not to consider aligning yourself with the original purveyor of all things heavy. Give the Laney Toni Iommi GH100TI & GS412LS Bundle a shot.

Laney Tony Iommi GH100TI & GS412LS Bundle

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