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Line 6 Add DT25 Amplifier to Range

Published: Monday 26 September 2011

Line 6 DT25 Amplifier news: Line 6 are one of the foremost companies in the world when it comes to digital modelling amplifiers and in recent years have expanded their range to include a number of valve powered amps as well, like the new DT-25, a Class AB valve amp at 25 watts, switchable to 10-watts Class A.

Line 6 DT-25 Amp Released

The announcement of the brand new DT25 range is a welcome one, as following up from last year’s DT models, the new Line 6 DT25 amps have been designed in conjunction with the legendary Reinhold Bogner and come in both head/cab and 1x12 combo form.

DT25: Four Boutique Amps in One

Both DT25 models are switchable between 25W & 10W, which makes them perfect for home recording, rehearsal and gigging. The Line6 DT25 combo features a custom 12" Celestion speaker and all come equipped with the HD modelling technology that has made Line 6 famous. Add to this the exclusive L6 LINK technology that enables you to connect a POD HD multi-effects unit and you've got the facility to create and tweak models all day long.

Line 6 DT-25 Head and CabLine 6 DT-25 Combo Amp

The brilliance of the Line 6 DT25 lies in its four amp voicings which are created using negative feedback loop (NFL) topologies paired with HD preamp and tone stack modeling; it uses real valves controlled via the HD processor and Bognor-designed analog circuits, including:

  • Classic American Clean/Tight NFL
  • British Crunch/Medium NFL
  • Class A Chime/Zero NFL
  • Modern, High-Gain/Resonant NFL

Also available is a DT25 specific 1x12 speaker cabinet that features a custom voiced Celestion G12H-90 speaker.

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