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Line 6 Pod HD Pedals

Published: Thursday 30 September 2010

Line 6 Pod HD Multi Effect Pedal News: Taking guitar effects and amp modelling to the next level, Line 6 Pod HD has arrived.

v2.0 Update for Line 6 POD HD Users

The Line 6 POD HD Pro, HD, HD300, HD400 and HD500 have 10X the processing power of older PODs, giving sonic depth and dynamics far superior to anything else in its price range. The full POD HD range:

Line 6 POD HD Line 6 POD HD PRO

Line 6 POD HD300 Line 6 POD HD400 Line 6 POD HD500

POD HD v2.0 Firmware update now available from the Line 6 website - Click here for full details.

Line 6 POD HD Pedal Details

The POD HD500 is the flagship Line 6 POD HD model, though most of its features filter down in the range to the HD300 and HD400 too. The POD HD500 has USB connectivity (acts as audio interface), a balanced microphone input, Variax input, aux input, CD/mp3 input, Stereo XLR outputs and unbalanced outputs and the new proprietary L6 connection which allows for seamless integration and communication between POD HD and new Line 6 products like the DT 50 amp range. The Line 6 POD HD500 features a 4-second looper that's super easy to use and over 100 M-class studio-quality effects.


Also part of the POD HD range, is the Line 6 POD HD Desktop unit and Line 6 POD HD PRO Rack-Mount Amplifier & Effects Modeling Processors, featuring the same HD amp modeling and M-class effects processing as the POD HD pedals, it also includes USB2 for next-to-no latency recording straight into your DAW.

Line 6 have taken all its customers' comments seriously in the development of the POD HD: Less amp models that just sound better. Thus the Line 6 POD HD features 16 classic and modern amp tones inspired by some of the most recognisable and best amps around. The new HD modelling produces unprecenented clarity and dynamic response making for superb realism in the reproduction of analogue amp tone.

With such a giant leap forward in quality and tone, the POD HD range puts great tone at your feet (and fingertips) in an easy-to-use, intuitive and modestly-priced guitar pedal. If you use amp modelling or guitar effects of any kind, or recording, you need Line 6 POD HD!

Line 6 POD HD500 in action

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