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Line 6 StageSource Loudspeakers at DV247

Published: Wednesday 13 June 2012

DV247 PA & Live Sound News: You’ll remember that some time ago we discussed what we personally thought was one of the biggest highlights of NAMM 2012 – the Line 6 StageSource Loudspeaker Systems – packed with a miscellany of time-saving, audio-tweaking appointments that really caught our eyes, and more importantly ears.

Line 6 StageSource L3t PA Loudspeaker

Even before you take into account the significant ingenuity lurking under the sleek hood of these enclosures, it’s worth pointing out that with a 1400 Watt, 3-way potential on the L3t system and a 1200 Watt bi setup on the L3’s, they’re incredibly powerful. This raw force, though, is coupled with a mixer and effects section, all on-board.

So far so typical of a high-spec loudspeaker, then. It starts getting interesting when you add in the almost-self-aware nature of the connectivity here – the Soundscapes can detect the presence of other Line 6 speakers being used on the same system and will share the sound accordingly, automatically compensating and moving the energy appropriately depending on your desired outcome.

Those outcomes can be decided thanks to presets that allow smart reconfigurations of your sound. Separate buttons can be pressed for PA, DJ, band and solo setups among others, so while you’ll likely want to fine-tune any EQ changes, you can at least put yourself in the right ball-park for starters.

Feedback suppression is here too for clean, undistorted sound, while Line 6 have even gone to the trouble of adding environment sensors – the speaker knows where it is and how it’s mounted. Fantastic.

We’ve found them to be absolutely perfect PA solutions since they’ve arrived in store, so if you’d like to snap them up before demand sees the first shipment sold out then click here for the L3ts and here for the L3s, and if you’re interested in listening to them in our demo room at DV247 East London.

Line 6 StageSource Series

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