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Price Drop on Maschine Studio & Maschine/Komplete 11 Upgrade Bundles

For a limited time only, you can now buy Native Instrument’s Maschine Studio for just £629. The Native Instruments Maschine Studio provides a broad and intuitive user interface for next level beat production, not to mention the included vast sound library.

The Maschine Studio enables you to create rhythms, harmonies and melodies, with access to powerful sampling tools such as slicing, time-stretching, sound shaping and editing. Users will benefit from mixing and metering on the hardware itself, as well as side-chaining, pre-listening bus, aux sends, unlimited groups and effect inserts.

But wait, there’s more! Due to the huge price decrease on the Maschine Studio, we are now able to other great deals on bundles including Komplete Upgrades. The Maschine Studio comes with the entry-level Komplete 11 SELECT, but here at DV247 we are offering bundles with upgrades up to the STANDARD and ULTIMATE editions! Just choose the upgrade you prefer and start producing and performing music to your heart’s content!

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