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Published: Wednesday 26 April 2017

Stronger than your Favourite Guitarist?

Ernie Ball have released information regarding their latest range of strings, and are dedicated to their belief that these are the strongest strings currently known to man! The Paradigm range is available for both electric and acoustic guitars, with two full-sets for electric 7-string models.

Acoustic guitar players can choose between Phosphor Bronze (four sizes; extra light, light, medium light & medium) and 80/20 Bronze (also in extra light, light, medium light & medium), with the main difference between these sets being their tone; Phosphor Bronze strings have a bright bell-like response, whilst 80/20 Bronze strings are known for a warmer and shimmering tone. The electric sets cover a wider range of gauges to cater to the huge variety of styles covered by users of Ernie Ball strings, and, of course, this is where the ultra-high strength composition of the Paradigm series will be put to the greatest test. As well as the usual treatment Ernie Ball strings receive (corrosion and dirt resistance via plasma wrapping and nano-treatment techniques) Paradigm strings have a greatly increased interior grain structure and a patented reinforcement of the winding at the ball end. This gives Paradigm strings an incredible durability at the bridge as well as along the entire length, without making any tonal sacrifices.

Obviously nobody would be prepared to just take Ernie Ball at their word given the claims made around the Paradigm strings. So they went out of their way to challenge as many professional guitar players as they could to test the Paradigms to their limits. Find out more, and see the videos of the results at Ernie Balls site – special mention needs to be given to the hard-core punishment dished out by Paul Gilbert and John Petrucci...

For a look at the scientific research undertaken on the Paradigm strings click here.

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