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New Fame DD-ONE Electronic Drum Kit!

Published: Wednesday 22 February 2017

Here at DV247, we have put in a huge effort to produce and develop the wonderful sounds found within the Fame DD-ONE Electronic Drum Kit.

These kits are all supported with a powerful DD-ONE Sound Module that contains a wealth of sounds and options to suit any styles of preferences out there. This kit also contains a 12" snare pad, four 10" tom pads, two 12" crash cymbals, a 12" ride cymbal and a 12" hi-hat, as well as a multitude of hardware components.

Even at a ridiculously low price, the Fame DD-ONE contains a realistic hi-hat that offers the same natural playing feel, with an open and closed control, that you would find on an acoustic set. This feature is unavailable on any other E-drum kits on the market under £1000, so what are you waiting for!

Additionally, and new for 2017, the Fame DD-ONE is equipped with a multitude of exclusive Arabic sounds that have been recorded on site by professional drummers at our factory in Cologne.

We are the only company in the UK to sell the Fame DD-ONE, so don't delay and buy one of these quality electronic drum sets today at a fantastic price. You'll barely be able to tell that you are not playing a real acoustic set.

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