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New For NAMM 17: The Apollo Twin Quad MKII!

Published: Friday 20 January 2017

Universal Audio’s Apollo Desktop Interfaces Get Redesigned for NAMM 2017

The Apollo Twin, Duo, and Quad audio interfaces have been at the top of the market for powerful desktop audio interfaces, and this year’s NAMM, Universal Audio have announced a refresh and redesign of their flagship devices.

Along with the obvious cosmetic change, UAD’s other major upgrades include brand new Unison-Enabled mic preamps and completely redesigned A/D and D/A conversion. They’ve also included improved monitoring and a built-in talkback mic. They’ve also bundled in a full suite of Analogue Emulation plug-ins designed by Universal Audio.

Two Unison-enabled mic preamps allow you to track through emulated mic preamps from API, Manley, Neve, and Universal Apollo. Characteristics of these tube and solid state mic pres, such as their component-level circuit behaviours and the input impedance gain stage “sweet spots”, have been faithfully emulated.

The Apollo Twin MKII’s A/D and D/A Conversion further improve on the original Apollo Twin’s. Giving you increased dynamic range and Ultra Low THD, the next generation in A/D and D/A Conversion will give your tracks an extra amount of depth and picture.

Monitoring has been improved with features such as Mute, DIM, Mono, and ALT speaker switching. It also features a built-in Talkback mic and dedicated monitor remote controls. The Apollo Expanded software allows any Thunderbolt equipped Apollo Twin, Apollo 8, Apollo 8p, and Apollo 16 audio interfaces to be combined with up to four Apollos and six total UAD-2 devices.

Check out Universal Audio's Video Below!

Check out the new Apollo Twin's bellow!

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