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Maschine MkIII & Komplete Kontrol MkII Announced

Published: Monday 11 September 2017

Native Instruments Reimagining of Maschine & Kontrol

Exciting news has reached us concerning the impending arrival of a fresh update of both Maschine and Komplete Kontrol, two staples of the modern recording and live performance worlds. Extremely powerful on their own, the integration between these two creative interfaces has been enhanced, making them a formidable combination when used together. These instruments are hot property, hitting shops on the 5th of October, but we can offer the opportunity to pre-order them right now. Read on to discover the changes and improvements made, and to see why Maschine and Komplete Kontrol are so widely used.

Komplete Kontrol S49 & S61 MkII:

On the surface the Komplete Kontrol series appear to be a collection of slick, modern looking keyboard controllers - and they are. However, a closer examination reveals a far deeper tool set, seamless integration with NI software and a range of options in regard to empowering, creating and performing any kind of music. As with most decent controllers, Komplete Kontrol can be utilised in both studio and live scenarios, but these keyboards excel in both areas to such a degree that they have become an irreplaceable component for many producers, mix engineers and musicians. Once registered, Komplete Kontrol users also benefit from receiving Komplete Select for free - 11 premium instruments and effects that will enhance any work flow. Two high resolution colour screens clearly show exactly what is happening on-board, whilst RGB lights above each semi-weighted key can be used to identify current settings. Years of use and development have enabled the Komplete Kontrol software to become intuitive and easy to use, absolutely essential when jamming live. As for DAW control, this has been further refined offering much tighter integration with Logic Pro X, Ableton Live and GarageBand, whilst support for Cubase and Nuendo will soon follow.

Maschine MkIII:

The surface of the new Maschine has been re-designed, looking sharper than the previous version. Some buttons have been re-sized (Note Repeat, for example) to better facilitate performance, in response to feedback received from users. Built into the hardware of the Maschine are 8GB of top-quality samples, loops, instruments, drums and patterns to bring to bear on your musical productions, alongside the 25GB of Komplete Select (free to users once registered with Native). Maschine MkIII is now a fully integrated 24-Bit/96kHz audio interface, featuring 2x ¼” TRS line outputs, 2x ¼” TRS line inputs, a ¼” dynamic mic input, stereo headphone out and MIDI In/Out. The 4x4 pad section has also been enhanced in many ways, making Maschine a fully usable instrument in its own right, and all still powered by USB 2.0 (or the included power supply, which can be used to make the display even brighter in low-light conditions). Finally, the directional push encoder makes it possible to adjust parameters with a single hand, meaning simultaneous uninterrupted automation and performance.

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