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Roland's Future Redefined

Published: Friday 02 June 2017

New Roland Percussion Pads & Future Redefined Items

Continuing their “Future Redefined” promotion (started on #909day, the 9th September 2016) Roland have announced some rolling release dates for as-yet unconfirmed products during the remainder of June. We have already had the superb SPD:One range of digital percussion pads on the 26th May, followed closely by the MS-3 Multi Effects Switcher, the Blues Cube Hot “British EL84 Modified” combo guitar amplifier, the XS-1HD Multi-Format Matrix Switcher and the V-800HD MkII Multi-Format Video Switcher on the 1st June. The 20th & 23rd of June will reveal more products, but there is no information currently available on these secretive items…

SPD:One Percussion Pads

These four new pads have raised a few eyebrows after release, mainly from those more usually associated with live acoustic percussive performances. This has no doubt been helped by the excellent videos Roland have produced to accompany their product pages, but there can be no denying the stage applications of these devices, as well as the convenience and reliability they offer in a studio context. The red SPD-1W Wav especially could turn out to be a very widely used instrument, with application limited only to the user’s vision. The SPD-1W has storage of up to 4GB of data, completely user-defined, which equates to around 360 minutes of playback time. Loading the pad with samples is as simple as dragging and dropping to the device with a computer. All the other pads include adjustable pitch and effects on the 22 included instruments, and they are easily attached to percussion or drum frames to become a permanent addition to your kit with the included clamp.

Boss MS-3 Multi Effects Switcher

Any guitarists tired of carrying a “suitcase of bricks” style pedalboard may be interested in this multi-effect monster. Up to six internal effects can be employed at once, and this is alongside up to three external pedals of your choosing. With over 100 effect types on-board, reverbs, distortions, delays and pitch effects are no longer a concern for owners of the MS-3.

Blues Cube Hot “British EL84 Modified” Combo Guitar Amplifier

This is a special edition of Roland’s Blues Cube Hot series of amplifiers, this model focusing on the hot valve tone of a traditional British combo amp. Recording from the amp is a particularly simple case of connecting to a PC via a USB input, whilst a 3-band EQ, reverb and wattage control options give plenty of parameters to play with in pursuit of that perfect tone.

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