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Magma is the kind of idea that makes exquisite amounts of sense – a virtual studio rack setup that runs as a standalone or within your DAW, and allows you to stack effects into four racks in any manner you wish.

Nomad Factory Magma

You can route across these however you see fit, and there are preset configurations for numerous tasks ready to roll from the outset. For now, you can build your racks from 65 effects that come with the software, and cover categories of amplifier, analysis, cabinet, delays, distortion, dynamics, EQs, filters, generators, harmonics, modulation, reverbs, ‘special’ (one-offs) and utility.

Infinite combinations of FX chains - nice. It’ll mean a huge amount of choice when it comes to working on your signal path, and a forthcoming chains-within-chains feature will be a router’s dream.

And, of course, the eventual goal is to include full functionality with third party effects as well. At that point, Magma becomes an astonishing prospect. As a bonus, you’re already able to install this program on up to five computers without the need for dongles etc.

All in all, then, a stellar package, and one already worth your time even before you look to the future. Check out Magma Virtual Studio Rack.

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