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Nord Reach the 3rd Stage

Published: Wednesday 19 April 2017

Stage 3 Series of Pianos Announced

The latest versions of the Nord Stage pianos have been declared, the Stage 3 series, now in its 5th generation of upgrades since the original. In their on-going search for the ultimate instrument for performing pianists, Nord have included a number of significant upgrades over their predecessors. Each aspect of the Stage 3’s sound is treated to its own dedicated section on the control surface, and the extended configuration options this brings. Fans of the Stage 2s will also notice the welcome addition of two OLED screens to be found within the Piano and Synth sections of the panel, making searching for sounds and menus that bit easier.

The Nord Stage 3 series will be made available from July 2017 and has been issued in three versions: the 73-note Compact, the HP76 and the full-size, fully weighted 88.

Our product pages below can help you find out more details concerning the Stage 3 series, and more information is available from Nord’s site.

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