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A Rainbow in Rhythm

Paiste have started their 2017 in superb style by releasing a renewed 900 Series range of cymbals, focusing mainly upon Crashes and Rides, but rounding out the selection with Hi-Hats, Splashes and Chinas. Even more exciting is the inclusion of a complete Colour Sound 900 range, with all sizes and shapes available in four amazing looking colour finishes: Black, Red, Blue and Purple.

900 Series cymbals are crafted from CuSn8 Bronze (more commonly known as 2002 Bronze), an alloy renowned for its warmth, resilience and shimmering highs. Hand-hammered and lathed by expert Swiss craftsmanship, the 900 series have a dark natural finish which gives an almost vintage appearance. The nature of the design means these cymbals are flexible and giving during performance, and moving up to the heavier sizes provide access to longer sustain, excellent projection and pronounced brilliance.

The Colour Sound 900 range draw from Paiste's history of colour-coated cymbals, starting with the Coloursound 5 range, created in 1984 (to cater to the growing desire to stand out in the then-fledgling music video industry) and continuing with the 1990 Vision range. The Colour Sound finish has constantly been available for custom shop jobs, and some signature models (Stewart Copeland's Blue Bell Ride, Danny Carey's Dry Heavy Ride) have also included the eye-catching finishes, but now they are available as standard choices throughout this set. The finish is known to be tough and durable, resistant to cracks and chips, and is transparent so the grooves and hammer work on the surface is still clearly visible.

This outstanding quality is offered at a remarkable price, accessible to all serious drummers - so there is no excuse to creating the kit of your dreams, and now in a variety of lively colours!

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