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Pioneer Goes Wireless With XDJ-AERO

Published: Friday 10 August 2012

The Pioneer XDJ-AERO, just announced by Pioneer breaks new boundaries as the world's first wi-fi enabled, all-in-one DJ system and native recordbox controller. A stunning new product that will reach out to the crowd and make a DJ's life that much easier.

Pioneer XDJ-Aero

The wi-fi connection on the XDJ-Aero is set to change everything: imagine being able to grab tunes from your phone, your laptop, your desktop or your tablet simultaneously and mix them into perfect, hassle-free sets. Four different sources can be accessed wirelessly at the same time, assuming they have the easy-to-use recordbox software installed. Rekordbox allows even browsing and selection to be done from the controller rather than the devices, or vice versa allows a DJ with the app installed to remotely control the XDJ Aero's settings too.

The audience can even send music requests from their own devices, which can then be okayed by the XDJ AERO user individually and mixed in. If they wander off during your set and break the connection, the unit kicks in an emergency loop so that you can take back control swiftly!

XDJ-Aero: Wireless Wonder

The Aero being a Pioneer product, it is of course also rocking all the features you'd expect, beat and sound colouring (post fader) effects, sample banks, autop loop functions and quantising. Beat syncing and auto mix functions are there too to make the job that much easier. Cycling through pre-loaded samples is also no chore, the Sample Lauch system allows you to quickly cycle through and trigger four pre-loaded samples.

The Jog Drum feature, however, is a completely new concept for the XDJ. You can drum onto the jog wheel as a way of triggering and scratching. It's a great idea for those of you more rhythmically inclined than you are adept at scratching, for instance.

The XDJ-AERO has a host of other powerful features that you'll recognise from Pioneer's Pro-DJ series: one-touch recording that can bounce to WAV, MIDI and HID control, external ins for use as a standalone mixer, and a 24-bit soundcard (click here for the full spec).

It's all laid out in the familiar, formidable layout that DJs have found quite so appealing when using Pioneer products. The Pioneer XDJ-AERO is set to change the DJ landscape entirely, it's time to go wireless!

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