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Pioneer Launch XDJ-AERO and DDJ-ERGO-K

Published: Friday 10 August 2012

Pioneer took the DJ world by surprise this week with the announcement of two brand new products, the XDJ AERO and DDJ-ERGO-K

The XDJ-Aero

Pioneer XDJ-Aero

The XDJ-AERO is a jaw-dropping idea for starters: the world's first recordbox-ready wireless DJing system. It allows you to draw tracks from your tablet, your smartphone, your laptop or your desktop, simultaneously and over the airwaves to mix into one easily-assembled set.

The functionality extends to members of the audience being able to suggest songs which you can accept or deny on a case-by-case basis, and you can even use your tablet or smartphone as a remote control for the AERO by making use of downloadable apps!

This new wifi system is paired up with the usual top standard of Pioneer product, 24-bit soundcard, serious FX options and MIDI/HID control are all in there, making for an awesome all-in-one solution for the modern DJ.

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Pioneer DDJ-Ergo

Meanwhile, the DDJ-ERGO-K sees not only a brand new black finish (high gloss on top, satin on the sides), but also ingenious pulse lighting that can tell you how accurate your beat matching is, which effects and filters are kicked in and the beat of each channel. It's a unique idea and will make the ERGO design an even more attractive prospect.

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Both new products are superbly built, and both truly bring something new to the table, so click through for further impressive specs and the best prices in the country.

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