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PreSonus StudioMagic Plug-In Suite

Published: Friday 24 March 2017

PreSonus Announce New Plug-In Collection

A new collection of plug-ins has just been revealed by PreSonus, consisting of seven excellent EQ, dynamic and effect programs. The greatest news however, is that PreSonus are giving the suite away completely free of charge to any registered customer who buys or already owns any one of a selection of their mixers and audio interfaces. This offer is even open to those buying one of these units from the past, with no restriction on time-frame. The only pre-requisite is to have registered the purchase with PreSonus themselves.

Included in the Studio Magic Plug-In Suite are the following selections:

SPL Attacker – Differential envelope processor, amplifies attack transients.

Mäag Audio EQ2 – Digital version of the 2-band hardware equalizer.

Lexicon’s MPX-i Reverb – Seven classic reverbs, across 100 specially crafted pre-sets.

Eventide H910 – Accurate re-creation of the H910 Harmonizer, a modulation and delay processor.

Eventide 2016 Stereo Room – Derived from the SP2016, a versatile reverb and space designer.

Brainworx bx_opto – Powerful dynamic processor used for compression.

Arturia Analog Lab Lite – Physically modelled keys from Arturia’s epic V-Collection.

The currently eligible interfaces and mixers include the PreSonus AudioBox USB, AudioBox i-series, and Studio-series interfaces and StudioLive Series III, StudioLive AR USB, and StudioLive RML-series mixers. For more information please check out the PreSonus website.

A range of units included in the offer can be found below:

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