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Roland HD-1 Last Stocks of Electronic Kit

Published: Wednesday 25 July 2012

The Roland HD-1 electronic drum kit has always been much-acclaimed, mainly for the sheer value for money it represents in comparison to other kits on the market, and the surprisingly professional quality of both the hardware and audio samples considering the affordable price.

The Roland HD-1 Electronic Drum Kit

Now discontinued, we at least have limited stocks available of the last batch, and thought we’d take the time to look at the spec of what will be a significant deal for those fast enough to take advantage. The even better news is that it’s running at a clearance price, so the value for money that was already substantial is even greater while we have them in stock!

Currently, the HD-1 is being sold at £200 less than the HD-3. As you might expect, the latter is an upgrade on the original, but what’s surprising, especially considering the temporary very low price of the HD-1, is how close they are in spec.

HD-1 vs HD-3

Both feature the same kit configuration: Kick pedal, snare, hi-hat, hi-hat pedal, tom x3, crash and ride. They also share the same materials when it comes to individual pads and triggering options too – you get single zone rubber toms, a dual zone mesh snare pad, a single zone crash and a dual-zone crash/ride setup. For the player who wants to get more out of an electronic setup in terms of sonic variety, this is ideal.

In terms of connections both models feature a stereo mini output, a stereo mini headphone jack, a stereo mini mix-in jack, a 5-pin MIDI connector and a trigger cable connector. The included manual and all the relevant cables supplied mean you’ll have everything set up quickly too.

The core difference between the HD-1 and HD-3 is in the number of kits – the former has 10 and the latter has 20. This is only a consideration if you’re in significant needs of more sounds – the player who is looking for a tool to practise with won’t need the extra sounds particularly, and even if you’re after a sound that fits specifically within a mix for recording or rehearsal, there’s a lot of variety among the 10 kits, covering jazz, power, electronic, dance, double bass and ‘droid’ synthesis among others.

There are 10 patterns to play with/along to on the HD-1, 20 on the HD-3. Again it comes down to what you think you need vs the convenience of paying £200 less!

The HD-1 won’t be around for much longer as they’re snapped up in-store and online, so if you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise on features, it’s the perfect choice.

Roland HD-1 vs. HD-3 Comparison Chart

Roland HD-1 versus HD-3 Drum specs

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