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Roland Upgrades V-drum Series with TD11 and TD15

Published: Wednesday 21 March 2012

Roland TD11 and TD15 V-Drum kits: Roland’s new series of TD electronic drum kits were announced at Musikmesse 2012 today, ushering in significantly more feature-laden, powerful modules that get the most out of the professional, playable kits.

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Affordable SuperNATURAL V-Drums

The Roland TD11 V-Drum module, for instance, makes incredibly good use of the acclaimed SuperNATURAL technology that the company has also rolled out in synths and workstations, in this case using clever behaviour modelling technology to help the player hear the tonal differences when different velocities strike the pads and cymbals. It makes for a much more natural playing experience across the 50 onboard kit options, and will help acoustic drummers to feel at home when they make the transition.

With quick record functions for playback and WAV/MP3 songs loaded directly into the module for learning along to, tuition lessons built in and of course a USB-MIDI/AUDIO connection, you’re looking at a particularly comprehensive package.

In extension of that there’s the Roland TD11K V-Drum kit – the module ships with a set of professional rubber pads and an ingenious mesh snare design that feels real and intelligently responsive, while giving you a second triggering zone on the rim. Coupled with a cloth-designed bass pad and dual-trigger cymbals, drummers have more playing options than ever.

The Roland TD11KV V-Drums take that one step further for the demanding pro – mesh double-trigger designs on the snare and toms; double-and triple-trigger cymbals with choke control – all of which of course attach to a frame which can pack down into an incredibly portable setup when you’re on the move.

The Roland TD15 module is another step up. With 100 kits available you’ve got significantly more variety in your tonal choices, but you can also choose to go deeper and individually edit every aspect of each sound – a process made easy by the clear visuals you’ll see on-screen. With illuminated buttons and a click-out function, it’s as perfect for live performance as it is for studio use.

The TD15k and TD15kv kits follow the exact same format as those on the TD11, marrying the powerful module with superbly playable pads and a professional, natural feel. We’re expecting to see a rush on these new V-Kits, so take the time now to have a look through the spec lists and see if this could be your reason to move into electronic drumming.

By Rob Sandall

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