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Save £50 on Yamaha DTX Electronic Drums

Published: Friday 10 August 2012

Some of the inspirational Yamaha DTX 500 series of electronic drum kits are now available with a £50 instant discount before October 31st, an offer which also applies retroactively to anyone who has bought one of these drumkits since August 1st of this year.

Yamaha DTX500K - Save £50Yamaha DTX520K - Save £50Yamaha DTX540K - Save £50

Click on the buttons above to see the specs of each individual kit, and to decide which will be best for you, then grab the voucher and claim your discount back!

The Yamaha DTX 500 range is absolutely perfect for the drummer keen to acquire their first electronic kit or indeed upgrade their existing drum kit. They are particularly ideal for live stage use, studio audio recording and midi-sample-based triggering and drum programming, powerful integration within an existing acoustic drum kit setup or simply a quieter way of rehearsing at home. Matching authentic, editable sound banks recorded from hundreds of legendary acoustic drum kits with an easy-to-play set of super-fast response, single- and multi-zone triggering pads, the DTX 500 series feel comfortable under the sticks, sound incredible and pack down to an incredibly portable size and weight too.

How to Get Your £50 Discount

The DTX500K, DTX520K and DTX540K are all eligible for the instant saving, and claiming back your £50 from us requires next to no work at all - it will automatically be applied when you purchase the kit online, in store, or via mail order (0845 0777 247).

Once you've purchased your kit simply download the Yamaha voucher form and register your purchase by emailing the completed form to or alternatively mail it to:

  • DV247/Yamaha DTX Promotion
  • DV247 (FAO: Marketing Dept)
  • Chesham House
  • Chesham Close
  • Romford
  • RM7 7PJ

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